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SMITE Oceania Pro League Split 3


With Split 2 drawing to a close, the time has come to announce the third and final split of the year for the SMITE Oceania Pro League! With the largest prizepool of the year and a trip to the SMITE World Championships in January on the line, this promises to be the most intense and competitive time in Oceanic SMITE history. Running for 8 weeks, 6 teams will play each other twice beginning the 10th of September and ending the 30th of October. Check out the official Hi-Rez Announcement!


The Prize Pool for Split 3 of the OPL is $60,000 broken down in the following manner. Each team will receive a guaranteed prize payment for the season of $2,500 (a total of $15,000 amongst the 6 teams) regardless of placement in the league.
The remaining $45,000 will be awarded as bonus prizes for placement in the Regional Finals.



SMITE Oceania Challenger's Cup Split 3

The Challenger's Cup is seeing a major change in Split 3 and will be having a complete format change and become more structured in keeping with our aims of having a well organised competition at all levels. Running alongside the Pro League in Split 3, a 6 team Challenger's Cup league will be run by CyberGamer as the pathway into the OPL. Operating similarly to the Pro League, teams will compete over a 5/8 week period with the top 4 playing in a finals series. Details on what this will mean for relegations/OPL next year will be announced when they have been finalised.

This does not mean other teams will not be given a chance to compete - the open ladder will run as well and act as a pathway into the Challenger's Cup. After the Challenger's Cup Finals and relegations between Split 2 and 3 are completed, an open qualifier for the Challenger's Cup league will be held (date to be confirmed) with seeding based on Challenger's Cup finals and Open Ladder standings. The two teams from the relegations process who do not qualify for the OPL will receive an automatic place in the Challnger's Cup league.

Moving forward, the open ladder will act as a system for newly formed teams to gain some practice against opponents of a similar skill level whilst the Challenger's Cup will be a direct conduit for those wishing to compete in the Pro League. Full rules, schedule and further details on the Challenger's Cup will be released closer to the date of the Challenger's Cup commencement.


Split 3 OPL Schedule

Week 1
Saturday 10th September
Team Pandamonium v Legacy eSports
Avant Garde v Royalty

Sunday 11th September
Incite v Alpha Sydney
Royalty v Team Pandamonium

Week 2
Saturday 17th September
Legacy eSports v Avant Garde
Alpha Sydney v Royalty

Sunday 18th September
Team Pandamonium v Incite
Avant Garde v Alpha Sydney

Week 3
Saturday 24th September
Royalty v Incite
Legacy eSports v Alpha Sydney

Sunday 25th September
Avant Garde v Team Pandamonium
Incite v Legacy eSports

Week 4
Saturday 1st October
Alpha Sydney v Team Pandamonium
Incite v Avant Garde

Sunday 2nd October
Legacy eSports v Royalty
Alpha Sydney v Avant Garde

Week 5
Saturday 8th October
Legacy eSports v Team Pandamonium
Royalty v Avant Garde

Sunday 9th October
Alpha Sydney v Incite
Team Pandamonium v Royalty

Week 6
Saturday 15th October
Alpha Sydney v Legacy eSports
Incite v Royalty

Sunday 16th October
Team Pandamonium v Avant Garde
Legacy eSports v Incite

Week 7
Saturday 22nd October
Incite v Team Pandamonium
Avant Garde v Legacy eSports

Sunday 23rd October
Royalty v Alpha Sydney

Week 8
Saturday 29th October
Team Pandamonium v Alpha Sydney
Royalty v Legacy eSports

Sunday 30th October
Avant Garde v Incite


All games will be livestreamed on

VODs can be found here:
Note: there will be a few hours delay from when the games end to when they are live on YouTube

Make sure to follow @CGSMITE on Twitter for immediate notification of any (highly unlikely) changes and live tweets!

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win!

For more information on the SMITE Oceania Pro League season visit

The SMITE Oceania Pro League is officially supported by Hi Rez studios

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