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Ratatoskr has proven to be top of the S tier list with his extreme amount of burst damage and mobility and now he's available in competitive play. The Rat and Susano are both complained about a lot, the teams had to adjust quickly to deal with both of these gods.

LlamasInPyjamas vs Incite

Incite were able to first pick Ratatoskr as he was forgotten throughout the ban phase. Kikiomeo made Llamas regret not banning it after he ulted to the duo lane and picked up first blood on Ranabarana. Llamas returned a kill onto Laney after a great counter gank from Slycy. He pulled Laney out of his leap with Awilix's Gravity Surge and a follow up taunt kept Laney cc'ed long enough to be killed.
By the 4:30 mark Kikiomeo already had 3 kills and completed his Opal Acorn. Incite took the first Gold Fury of the game after killing the duo lane of Llamas. For Llamas to come back they had to make as many picks as possible and keep track of Kikiomeo and shut him down as fast as they could.
TheBeast soloed Shruix under tower but Torreyskiez used Defender of Olympus to return the kill. Incite pressured the left side and picked up 2 more kills sitting at 8-3.
15-4 were the kills at 19 minutes as the first Phoenix fell on the side of Llamas. Incite were too strong and Llamas could not keep up with the damage output. One last team fight in the mid lane saw Incite winning 4-1 and pushing down the tier 2 tower followed by the Phoenix quickly followed by the Titan.

Llamas were able to first pick Susano giving them an advantage but Incite didn't seem too phased by it. Story of game 1 continued in game 2 as first blood went the way of Incite in the duo lane again. Shortly after Swifty was picked off in the mid lane giving Incite the early lead. The first kill for Llamas was onto Kikiomeo after he took far too much damage from Slycy and Torreyskiez.

10-2 read the kill score at 13 minutes as Incite made many picks with very few losses. Llamas were determined to make an impact though as they 4 man ganked the solo lane for a successful kill onto TheBeast and destroy the tower. Unfortunately for Llamas, Incite were prepared and returned 2 kills followed by another in the duo lane shortly thereafter.
Just like game 1 the first Phoenix fell at 19 minutes. Incite picked up 2 phoenixes as Swifty tried to get as much as he could in the mid lane. He was able to get the tier 1 tower and a lot of damage on the tier 2 before being forced to recall. It was interrupted and operation "chase and kill the Janus" was successfully carried out by Incite.

26-4 at 21 minutes spelt the end of the game for Llamas after a commendable attempt to steal the Fire Giant. They were not able to and the game ended 2-0 to Incite.

No MVP Interview VOD

Dead Weight vs Corvidae

First Blood went the way of Dead Weight when the Shred decided to interrupt Corvidae taking their Speed buff. With the help of Agony's World Weaver OnlyGoodAtSolo was able to explode Desacrator's health bar.

First Gold Fury was picked up by Dead Weight but they stayed too long and Corvidae were able to get 2 kills. Before long, Dead Weight made things happen and killed 2 of Corvidae.
By the 16 minute mark the score was 9-4. Corvidae fell behind in overall kills but their strength were returning kills. Where they really fell behind in was objective control and overall team fight playing. Corvidae all have good mechanics but it's the team aspect they need more work on. Against the top team they showed they are better than people had expected.

Dead Weight kept their strong team fighting and objective control ball rolling throughout the entire game. Winning almost every team fight and taking every Gold Fury to snowball and close the game in a quick 21 minutes ending 20-6 in kills.

OnlyGoodAtSolo on his fearsome Fenrir picked up First Blood to start game 2. As he mentioned in last week interview, Horizon helped him with a good build for jungle Fenrir and it worked out well in last week's game so all he had to do was the same thing, if not better.
Excitement ran high as Trilogy and Hs247 were going at it 1v1. Trilogy landed all the basics attacks he could and Hs popped his Centaurus Ultimate to chunk out Trilogy's HP then land a couple basic attacks for the kill but minions killed Hs.

A team fight on the left side jungle was started by Corvidae. They aggressed onto Weave and Desacrator was so close to getting a reset on his I'm a Monster ultimate but hit too early and missed the damage. Dead Weight turned it around and firstly picked off Olimar with OnlyGoodAtSolo's Ragnarok ultimate followed by a kill onto Caizification by Shred then a third kill onto Kayo by OnlyGoodAtSolo. Dead Weight then turned for the Gold Fury and then the tier 1 mid lane tower.

Picks from Dead Weight continued into the mid game as the score was 11-2 and a 6k gold lead. They had little stopping them from taking everything from Corvidae.
At 15 minutes Dead Weight at taken all tier 1 towers and two tier 2 towers and the duo lane Phoenix. The way back into the game for Corvidae had to be Fire Giant steal. 17 minutes and Dead Weight had the Fire Giant. Corvidae's late game team composition couldn't hold out against the early game power of OnlyGoodAtSolo's jungle Fenrir dealing massive damage and feeding his team mates kills with his ult.

1 minute after the Fire Giant was taken the game was over. 24-3 was the kill score. Dead Weight did not hold back and ended the set 2-0.

No MVP Interview VOD

Avant Garde vs Pandemonium

Game 1 started strong for both teams with Erraticc getting his hands on bacchus and LiquidRenagade getting the coveted Susano. Pre level 5 both teams were very passive just securing themselves exp and gold but when the second mid camps spawned Pandemonium looked to gank the mid lane but with a great sanctuary by LiquidRenagade Avant were able to counter gank with gruff getting first blood with lurking in the waters. However Pandemonium were out for blood and were able to get the jump onto Maus under his tier 1 tower. With the power of Nemesis, Bacchus and Poseidon, the Scylla was eviscerated. Pandemonium continued this lead taking an early gold fury with no resistance from Avant but as soon as they finished the gold fury Avant showed up not wanting Pandemonium to get away scott free.

On the chase back to fountain, Avant were able to get a kill on Erraticc for their troubles. The mid game pressure from Panda continued diving deep into Avant's jungle to secure a kill onto Maus. 18 minutes into the game Panda bait another gold fury with Erracticc showing the strength of the belly flop from bacchus to secure even more kills with him tied for most kills at the time. Avant were not going down without a fight managing to win a fight under thier duo lane tier two tower putting them ahead in kills and slowing down Pandemonium's push.

After a minor ward battle Avant go on the agressive into Pandemonium's jungle getting themselves 3 kills, gold fury, the farm they so desperately needed. However this was not enough as Pandamonium went around as a team systematically taking towers and even a phoenix to put them miles ahead of Avant. The final nail in the coffin was a fire giant bait by Panda allowed them to get 4 kills as well as the fire giant. After 5 minutes of minor resistance by Avant Pandamonium took the titan to end the game in around 33 minutes

Second game started well for Pandemonium with Erratic getting Bacchus for the second time in this set while Avant were also get their Susano pick but for the solo lane. With combination Susano solo and Sun Wukong jungle the early game went in the way of Avant with ElChuckles getting 2 solo kills onto Rowe playing Vamana in the span of 2 min. The mid lane however was a very different tale, as Sporks was able to kill Maus on Sol with the power that is thor early game. With a surprise gank thanks to the anvil of dawn catching the already weakened Sol out. Maus was to fall again but this time to Erraticc and his intoxicate only 3 minutes later.

The mid game fell into a lull as both teams went back to playing passively securing as much farm they can for the sure to be gold fury fight. At the 10 minute mark Erraticc and ochita gank the mid lane to pick up another kill on the behind Maus. pandamonium push this advantage even harder pushing into Avant's jungle to steal the red buff, LiquidRenegade tried to retaliate but was bursted down allowing Pandemonium to further their lead. A couple of minutes later Pandemonium push their luck trying to dive the mid tier 1 tower and are punished, giving up 2 kills 2 avant but this minor victory had come at a cost as Maxen was able to take the duo lane tier 1 and tier 2 tower with no resistance. Avant keep trying to bring the momentum back in their favour by forcing Panda off the gold fury as secure it for themselves but Avant like Pandemonium over-extended trying to take the tier 1 tower in duo lane. As a result sporks is able to rotate in and pick up some more kills.

A few minutes later at the fire giant, Avant tried to gank Pandemonium but are kited to their tier 2 and are decimated by the crowd control and burst losing 4 members as well as Maxen getting a triple kill. Panda secure fire giant and end the game in 26 minutes.

No MVP Interview VOD


1st-Dead Weight 12-0
2nd-Incite 9-3
3rd-Pandamonium 8-4
4th-Avant Garde 4-8
5th-LlamasInPyajamas 3-9
6th- Corvidae 0-12

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