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SMITE OPL Split 2 Week 2 Predictions

Week 1 of the SMITE OPL is now in the books and already we have a major upset with Dead Weight taking down Incite 2 - 0. The second week promises some more intense SMITE action so let's get right into it.

Predicted result:
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After a dominating performance by the reigning champs in a rematch of their LAN finals and an awkward split for Avant Garde against Llamas the smart money in this set is on the Pandas. Sporks seems to have comfortably fit into his new role and Rowe, despite being ganked 3 times in 5 minutes as Chang'e is enjoying the solo lane.

Mid-jungle synergy seems to be the issue with Avant Garde, and the game they won was based around protecting Maus and allowing him to deal the damage safely. If they draft like that again they should find more success.

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A disappointing start to the season for both of these squads sees them sharing joint last position after one week of competition. Roster shakeups for both teams as iDivine departs Tainted Minds and Kikiomeo returns to his sub role for Incite with JustLaney returning to the main roster. Tainted showed flashes of promise in the last game against Team Pandamonium but a lot of that was from the pressure iDivine was able to exert out of the jungle and UltimateAbyss will need to do the same.

Incite still appear to be going throw some team chemistry and synergy issues and need to fix this before the end of the season if they hope to make it to LAN. Underestimating Dead Weight in Week 1 is not a mistake they will repeat against Tainted Minds and it is a fortunately timed lesson for them, being at the start of the split.

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Two teams out of the Challenger's cup and neither of them are on the bottom of the ladder, with Dead Weight actually sharing the top spot with Team Pandamonium. LlamasInPyjamas took a game off of Avant Garde and are already looking comfortable in the OPL whilst Dead Weight seems to have bonded already and have the makings of a very competitive team.

However, across the board Dead Weight appears to have the advantage over Llamas: OnlyGoodAtSolo has built around him a team that can handle early pressure until he can get online and play the carry role he so enjoys. Already sounding more confident and vocal in his captain role (although you couldn't tell it from his interview ), this is a team to watch making a run for the LAN finals.

Guys if you have any predictions please share them below! Also note that these are my personal predictions and should not be considered BM against any team, simply how I feel those teams have performed previously and will perform in the week at hand.


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