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After an amazing 10k split one final series between Team Pandamonium and Tainted Minds we are ready to kick off the $25k split 2 OPL. Not to be disappointing with we get to see these two teams battle it out in week one, day one.

Tainted Minds have had a roster change, but make no mistake the hunger to make up for their heartbreaking final loss against Team Pandamonium is high.

Kicking off Split 2 is Dead Weight taking on Incite. Both teams have OPL experience from previous OPL splits. Dead Weight formally Irish Wristwatch have some solid players to hold thier own such as HS247, Agony and OnlyGoodAtSolo. Incite with out a doubt are the team to keep an eye on this split. Biggy making his return to the Pro scene alongside Oceanic power players like Maxen, Yada and Kikiomeo this is surly a team expected to make finals.

Finishing off week one is Sunday with Avant Garde taking on the new comers Llama In Pyjamas. Avant would surly be looking at getting off to a better start than last season and have the perfect opportunity to bully the new guys. Llama's on the other hand are a team who missed out on split one, fought hard to work through the challenger cup to be rewarded with a spot this season. This is a team who I think has something to prove and will produce some good results over the split.

With the OPL we are also excited to be running the SMITE Oceanic Console League where the best XB1 Smite players will battle it out for a share in $2,500. With the exciting return of Citadel who last split went 14/0 in the round robin stage. Citadel are joined with last splits Paragon and Incept with new comers Tilt, Bob's Heroes and Senix.

All the SMITE Oceanic games for both the OPL and the OCL can be found live each week only on CyberGamer TV SMITE

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