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We're happy to announce Challenger Cup Split 2 - leading teams into the Pro League in Split 3! Challenger's Cup matches will begin 28th of May, however, you can sign up right now!

Challenger's Cup is the place to play on a competitive for everyone. If you and your team wish to improve your play (even if you don't think you can make OPL) this is definitely the place for you to sharpen your game!

New Format:
Open Ladder - Elo rating
A challenge is sent by a team with times that are suitable to play to a team within 75 elo (Teams start with 1400 elo) above or below the challenging team. The team being challenged then chooses the best time of the times chosent to play the match. A team may challenge another team whilst also being challenged by another team.

For full details on how the ladder works and rulings please click here:

The top teams from Challenger Cup Ladder will qualify for Split 2 Relegations to play against the bottom teams of the Oceanic Pro League for a spot in Split 3 OPL! The path to the SMITE World Championships begins here!

Sign up to to the ladder here:

Monthly Challenger Tournaments
Every month there will be a tournament open to everyone outside of the OPL. The tournament will be seeded based on Challenger Ladder ratings. If a team is not on the ladder they will be seeded below the Challenger Ladder teams. There will be gem prizing for these tournaments. These tournaments will not affect ladder rankings, they are for fun and to provide another way for teams to play against each other without risking losing elo.


Once a week there will a Match of the Week streamed on

VODs for Challenger Cup and Pro League can be found here:
Note: there will be a few hours delay from when the games end to when they are live on YouTube

Make sure to follow @CGSMITE on Twitter for immediate notification of any changes and live tweets!

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win!

For more information on the SMITE Oceania Pro League season visit

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