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SMITE OPL Predictions Week 2

With Super Week of the OPL in the books, the final week is upon us and playoff implications abound. Team Pandamonium have secured their place at the CGPL LAN, though Tainted Minds and Dire Wolves still have a chance to join them. Tune in to to catch all the action from the final week of the SMITE OPL.

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A match that largely means nothing in the overall picture of the OPL sees top placed Team Pandamonium take on bottom seeded Trident Esports. While Trident has shown flashes of potential, roster instability has meant that this split has not gone the way they planned it and now their focus is on going into relegations with the best possible finish.

Team Pandamonium is focusing on the CGPL LAN and I expect them to try out a few different compositions in this series in order to prepare for that event. All that being said, the Pandas should take this easily 2 - 0.

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This is the match of the week and the one that should have the most impact on who joins Team Pandamonium at the CGPL LAN. Previous results have seen Avant Garde beat Tainted Minds but TM have improved a lot this split whilst Avant has under performed. If Tainted Minds win even one game this series they will be heading to LAN with Pandamonium so they will be locked in and rearing to go whilst Avant is playing for pride, a better relegations spot, and perhaps the chance to play spoiler to Tainted Minds' ambitions.

Last week Tainted took a game off of Team Pandamonium and that experience will give them confidence moving forward into this key series against Avant. The talent present on both rosters should provide good viewing and I see Tainted taking it in a 2 - 1 result.

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Dire Wolves made a surprising comeback during super week finishing 4 - 0 and putting themselves in a position to potentially head to the CGPL LAN. By contrast, Sin Gaming have suffered during Agony's absence and are looking to finish strong as they head to relegations.

While the added pressure of needing to 2 - 0 in order to put themselves in a position to play at the LAN may affect Dire Wolves' play, and Agony's return should provide a boost to Sin, I believe Dire Wolves' inherent skill and experience should serve them to take this 2 - 0.

Guys if you have any predictions please share them below! Also note that these are my personal predictions and should not be considered BM against any team, simply how I feel those teams have performed previously and will perform in the week at hand.

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