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SMITE OPL Predictions Week 3

Week 3 of the SMITE OPL is super week, every team plays two series and with double the matches comes double the predictions! This week could decide who goes to LAN and who is forced into relegations so make sure you tune in to to catch all the action.

[img][/img]Team Pandamonium v Tainted Minds[img][/img]

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A top of the table clash to start of the week and this very well could be a preview of the CGPL LAN finals in mid April. Both of these teams have had strong early season performances and are looking to solidify their position as top dogs. Tainted Minds took out Sin Gaming in a close 2 - 0 whilst Team Pandamonium, swiftly felled the once mighty Dire Wolves 2 - 0. Only 1 game behind Team Pandamonium, Tainted Minds want to make their mark on the OCE SMITE scene and there's no better way to do that than to take out the reigning champs.

Tainted Minds and Team Pandamonium will both be putting their full attention to this match this week as it is clearly their most difficult and have the most impact to the overall standings and the possibility of going to LAN. And despite likely being one of the best series of the split, Pandamonium should prove too strong for Tainted Minds and take this series 2 - 0.

[img][/img]Dire Wolves v Trident Esports[img][/img]

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This match showcases why no one (not even handsome and intelligent casters) can ever be totally accurate about how a season will play out before it begins. Before the beginning of the split, Dire Wolves were widely held to be the team to watch not only for split 1 but for the whole year, and have thus far disappointed on those expectations. A total record of 1 - 4 has them on the bottom of the table tied with their opponents Trident Esports. Trident have had their share of misery as well, losing mid-laner LloydInSpace to personal issues and moving star player theBeasttt out of his most comfortable role to fill that void.

Trident though have shown flashes of potential with their squad, theBeasttt becoming more and more comfortable in the mid-lane and JustLaney regaining some of his old form from the ADC position. Nonetheless, the innate talent of Dire Wolves should show through in this game but Trident have the capability to take a game of last years runners-up and a 2 - 1 would be no surprise.

[img][/img]Sin Gaming v Avant Garde[img][/img]

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A rivalry matchup here to round of Day 1 of super week, both teams sitting in the middle of the pack and looking to make the final push to the CGPL LAN. Sin Gaming fell 0 - 2 to Tainted Minds while Avant Garde managed to get past Trident with a 2 - 1. Avant has to be wary of all opponents after that close scrape with Trident and will giving Sin a lot of attention this week. Sin Gaming will have the looming shadow of their contest against Team Pandamonium on their minds so they may find themselves a little distracted, as well as missing star midlaner Agony.

This series should still be a close one although Avant appears to be the stronger team overall and if they get on a roll can take down any opponent. A bit of simmering bad blood between the teams can also provide that extra motivation needed to push a player beyond their usual limits. While Sin taking a game off of Avant wouldn't be a surprise, Avant Garde seem to be the hungrier team and looking to make it to LAN right now, and to do that they need this to be a 2 - 0.

[img][/img]Team Pandamonium v Sin Gaming[img][/img]

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A rough week for Sin Gaming with two extremely difficult series for them. Sin Gaming's strongest players also happen to be the strongest players on Team Pandamonium. The Hs247 v Rowe matchup should be entertaining to watch but ultimately should go the way of Team Pandamonium. Sin's tough matches against Avant should serve to give them some good practice for this series but it likely won't be enough to take down top dogs (or bears) Pandamonium.

[img][/img]Avant Garde v Dire Wolves[img][/img]

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This is perhaps the toughest matchup of the week to call and a number of unknown factors can influence the outcome of this one. What order will the teams play their games in, the time of day and the state of Australian Internet at the time of play can all have a major impact on both team's performances. Ultimately, Avant Garde seem to have a plan in place for the season and have been studying hard for Dire Wolves all season long, whilst Dire Wolves seem to be a squad lacking direction. This one can go either way but at this point, I'm giving it to a hungry Avant team.

[img][/img]Trident Esports v Tainted Minds[img][/img]

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We round off the week with what I believe to be the most underrated series of the split as Trident Esports takes on Tainted Minds. Tainted Minds need to put it all on the line this week to solidify their place at LAN and should take out this series but Trident can play the role of spoil sport to almost any team in the OPL. If Tainted Minds want to be the best in OCE they will need to down Trident 2 - 0 but Trident are looking to keep themselves out of the bottom relegation spot and to do so they must take at least one game away from Tainted Minds.

Guys if you have any predictions please share them below! Also note that these are my personal predictions and should not be considered BM against any team, simply how I feel those teams have performed previously and will perform in the week at hand.


Time: 4PM AEDT Saturday 26th of March 2016 and Sunday 27th of March 2016

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