PC Platform Admin
The admin team have had a very long meeting to discuss the best option for the Pro League in regards to rules. The following rules have been added to the current list:

If anyone is found to abuse any direct messages (ex:Poke or instant direct messages) during an OPL match for any reason the player in question will receive an immediate 1 week match ban with no warning. Players are advised to take screenshots if this occurs.

Roster lock:
On Wednesday 9th of March 11:59pm all OPL teams are roster locked 5 core members in the edit team in description, subs are roster locked as soon as they play a match in the OPL. Subs must be listed and added to the CG team before challenges are sent out on Sunday night 7:00pm AEST the week before matches are played. Late submissions will be ineligible to play until the following week.

Notify an admin of a sub addition for approval.

If a challenger cup team qualifies for relegations, the team is roster locked as soon they are in the lobby for their first match. This team will be locked for the duration of OPL if the team qualifies. If the team does not qualify for OPL they will fall back under Challenger Cup roster lock rulings.

After OPL ends on the 24th of April, teams in the Relegation Tournament have an opportunity to change their teams roster but must retain 3 core members. CPGL LAN qualified teams have until 7pm 24th of april to make roster changes but must retain 3 core members.
1.5 years ago