CyberGamer Smite are happy to announce the first season of 1v1 Joust Friday's! Each week players can sign up to the 1v1 tournament and compete on the Friday of that week. We will have special weeks throughout the season where the top 16 players will get an invite to the tournament. These invitational tournaments are where players can win prizes.

Each week players will accumulate points based on their results. These points define where you place overall. Being in the top 16 qualifies you into the monthly invitational tournament.

The distribution of points are as followed:
1st - 100 points
2nd - 60 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 25 points
5-8th - 10 points
9-16th - 5 points
17th - higher - 2 points

These tournaments will happen every Friday night starting at 7pm AEDT. However Friday the 25th of Dec and 1st of Jan are excluded from the schedule.

Relevant Dates

4th Dec - Kick Off Tournament
11th Dec - Joust Friday
18th Dec - Joust Friday
8th Jan - Invitational ODC
15 Jan - Joust Friday
22 Jan - Joust Friday
29 Jan - Joust Friday
5th Feb - Invitational ODC
12th Feb - Joust Friday
19th Feb - Joust Friday
26th Feb - Joust Friday
4th Mar - Grand Final Tournament

There will be 3 invitational tournaments throughout the season. You must be in the top 16 to qualify for the tournaments. These tournaments will have gem prizes for the top 3 however players will not earn any tournament points from the invitational tournament.

Tournament information and sign-ups can be found here:
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