To enter this tournament follow these steps.

  1. Sign up at the Challonge link and follow the steps to making your team in Challonge.
  2. Challonge Page:
    Season 3
  3. Fill out this form
  4. Post a screenshot of the solo MMR of each player you register; with the team name as the heading; and your logo to this thread. (The mmr will also be checked in lobby prior to each game for all players, failure to comply will result in 1. Player disqualification or 2. Team disqualification.)

Dates and Starting Time:
Saturday 28th February 12pm (Midday) Sydney Time
Sunday 1st March 12pm (Midday) Sydney Time

This tournament will go over for the 1 weekend (Depending on the amount of teams participating).

Southern Cross Dota - This tournament will include players and teams up until 4000 solo MMR.

Players are required to have a;

  • Calibrated solo rank
  • Solo rank of no more than 4000 solo
  • Signed up via the roster form found here OR via formal request to the Tournament Administrator (Details Below) no later than two days prior to the event.

  • More rules can be found at the official SCD Tournament Ruleset. We assume you have read them prior to Day 1 of Matches. This link can be found here;
    Southern Cross Dota Tournament Ruleset

    Tournament Schedule
    This schedule page is used for Southern Cross Dota. The third sheet named "Tier 3" will be updated constantly for game information.

    For any information or questions regarding the tournament feel free to contact the admin:
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  • Southern Cross Dota – Keeping you informed on local Dota news. Stay up to date by following us on twitter @SCDota2 and liking our Facebook Page. We hyper link @SCDota2 and Facebook page.
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