What this thread is for:
This thread is written to hopefully make recruitment for players and teams alike easier. The templates shown below show the easiest and most concise way to set out your LFT or LFM threads.

Why should I follow this template?
To put it simply, you can set out your threads how you like, these templates are just a guideline that will hopefully help create similarity between threads so it becomes easier for Teams to find players that suit their needs and vice versa.

If you are looking for a team
Name: Helps become more personal with whoever may be interested.
In game name / Previous IGN's: So people know who you are and were in game.
Age: Can be a huge factor in some cases but in others, age doesn't define their maturity.
Location: Don't need to tell people your address but knowing what state you are in helps with timezones and LAN possibilities
Position/Role: Please use the 1-2-3-4-5 system, 1=hard carry, 2=semi carry, 3=utility, 4=2nd support, 5=Hard support
Skill Level: 1 - 10 Honesty is the key!
Previous Teams / Experience: Shows levels of play you have experience in.
Availability: What nights you can and can't play.
Any Additional Information: Things like ability to LAN, if your net is unstable, if you are only looking for a sub position etc.
Contact Information: Steam, Skype. e-mail or anything else viable.

If you are looking for players
Team Name: Can be an indicator of the seriousness of the team or just if you like the name ^-^
Server(s): So you don't end up with applicant's from Sweden.
General Team Level: 1 - 10 Honesty is vital!
Team Goals: Shows the seriousness of the team and how far you are looking to go as a team.
Types of Players you are looking for: ie. Looking for a role 4 player and a role 2 player.
Team Schedule: How often you play and what nights and times to help show players if they can meet the availability requirements.
Previous Achievements: Obviously only applies to teams that have been together for a while.
Who to contact and how: Steam, Skype, e-mail or even a Teamspeak/Raidcall.

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