DOTA2 Recruiting
Looking for position 5 player
Looking for a semi-pro team
Hi Guys ! New to the dota scene:)
looking for a team
4.4k Pos 4/5 LFT
Tyrant LF Offlane player
[REMOVED: Authors Request] AUS Team looking +1
LFT Dedicated teen looking for a team to train and play with
LF 5.5k+ pos 1
LFT 5k+ player
LFP --> NEW TEAM --< MMR 4k+
Recruiting for 2nd team in the CG Tournament
LFT 4.8k MMR
Clutch Gaming NZ now recruiting for Clutch Studio [CASTING]
LFT support 5 player. 4.5k+
4k Pos 1 & 3.8k Pos 5 LF team/scrims
looking for a team
LFT Position 2/3/4
LFP pos 4/5 5.5k+
LFT carry offlane 5k
Best dota midlaner in australia looking for some scrubs to carry to Ti
Looking for 3k support
LFP 5k sup + mid
LFP, Pos 1 or 4 - 5k +
LFT support 5 player. 4.5k+
LFP Pos 3 4.2k+
2-3K - Looking for mature players
3.6k, Pos 1/2 Looking for team (WA)
LFP 5k5+ Melbourne Based Only LAN purposes
5.5K MMR LF Team
InVidious DotA 2 - Looking for Support Player
4.6k MMR looking for team
KTO eSports - LFT
LFT 5k+ mmr
Competive Team
KPY- LFT 5k mid
Experienced Pos 1 Looking for Team
Looking for 2 more members of a 3-3.5k mmr team
Legion Gaming - Looking For Teams
midgåård looking to sponsor DotA team
Team VVB recruiting dedicated Mid Player
3.5k + looking for team
Making New Team For CG
3.5K Position 3 LOOKING FOR TEAM!
5k+ team looking for pos 3
LFT - Postion 5 Support - Experienced Player
Mature player LF amatuer team
LF 3k player, position 5
4k MMR looking for team
LFP Pos 2/4/5 2.5k+
Looking for a 5k mmr average team
Team Dismay Looking for players and people for Management Roles
4k Position 3 Looking For Team
Looking for player
LF 4k+ Pos 5 AU
Dota 2 LFM Hard Support to play captain
Looking for Mid and pos 4 support
Looking for players
Dota 2 LFM
LFP 4.5 - 5k
Red Gaming Looking For Members
Looking for team members 3.5k - 4.2k role 4/5
3.4k player looking for a team (has next two months off)
Pure eSports Recruiting
LFM Offlaner OR Support
Paragon Esports Recruiting
At`Ez looking for position 4/5
[Perth] Dedicated amateur player, looking for a team
TommyGun 3k SOLO MMR Player LFT
VORTEX AUSTRALIA Looking for a Team/Players
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