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Dome Switch & Scissor Switch

Dome-switch keyboards

They are a hybrid between flat-panel membrane and mechanical keyboards, in a way that they bring two circuit board traces together under a rubber or silicone keypad using polyester formed domes. These, most commonly referred to as polydomes, are formed from polyester where the inside bubble is coated in graphite. They lack the crisp snap of metal domes (which are also available, but rarely used in keyboards) and have a much lower life expectancy. Rubber domes are considered quiet, but very much so »mushy«, because they lack the positive response. They are most definitely made with profit in mind; they are made from the same material as TV remotes, be it a 5 or 150€ model, there is no difference »beneath the hood«.

How they work: When a key is pressed, it collapses the dome, which connects two circuit traces and completes the connection to enter the character.

It was without a doubt one of the most successful keyboards, but still it used the materials found in ordinary TV remotes

Scissor keyboards

Scissor keyboard switches were in its beginning meant to be dedicated to laptops, but through time, people have started getting fond of the small travel and now we can also find them in desktop versions. They are attached to the base of the keyboard via two plastic pieces that interlock similar to scissors – hence the name. They still use rubber domes, but they have much shorter travel (2mm instead of 3.5 – 4mm) to the typical keyboard. They are marketed as 'low-profile' and generally they are very quiet and need next to no actuation force.

Typical laptop keys with as little travel as possible

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