Upcoming Competitions!

FIFA 15 ASTRO Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of FIFA 15. Xbox One.

FIFA 15 - Head-to-Head Ladder
Our FIFA 15 - Head-to-Head ladder is now live! You can now challenge and/or be challenged. Xbox One.

Registration for the CyberGamer FIFA 15 ASTRO Championship Series is open. The competition will be held on the 2nd of November. Xbox One.

CyberGamer Halo 3 Flashback
With the Halo: Master Chief Collection being so close to release, we thought of no better way to build hype than to run a flashback Halo 3 4v4 competition! The competition will be held on the 2nd of November. Xbox 360.

Major Partner Astro Gaming
ASTRO Gaming 2015 Lineup!
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#ASTROCircuit - Season Champions!
#CGFACS - Player Points!
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Gough Whitlam, the former Labour Prime Minister who was responsible for things such as free tertiary education, medicare, handing back the first land to Indigineous Australians amongst other things has died today at the age of 98. Gough was a fighter of multic... Read more
Submitted 8:13am 21/10/14. by breji
Submitted 17h 58m ago. by Bennysimm
Bringing you guys a new series which most Professional Call of Duty Players have already started - Worldstarred. Read more
Submitted 10:06pm 20/10/14. by Fadissa
Submitted 8:18pm 21/10/14. by Silent_
Submitted 12:50am 21/10/14. by RoSS_meow
Sign the petition on COD4,please! And distribute in Facebook and Twitter,please!!! Read more
Submitted 10:51am 21/10/14. by ImZipZap
Submitted 12:44pm 18/10/14. by Myksta
Submitted 5:58pm 19/10/14. by Bennysimm
Submitted 1:30am 17/10/14. by Rogue
Submitted 3:01am 18/10/14. by eXpire
Submitted 7:24pm 18/10/14. by ReversePlasma
Submitted 7:12pm 18/10/14. by ohhStylerr
Submitted 11:02am 18/10/14. by Bennysimm
Wicked.eXile has made a roster change, keep up to date with the team! Read more
Submitted 6:05pm 15/10/14. by Stokeez.
Submitted 4:30pm 17/10/14. by Shadowz_
Hey guys, looking for a free graphic designer thats not too bad. If I like you're work ill consider paying you a nice amount of money to be our personal gfx. Please hmu Read more
Submitted 6:56pm 13/10/14. by Heatzio
Submitted 5:40pm 13/10/14. by MokoPlays
Hi, wondering if any teams would like some graphic design or logo design. Am willing to do the first two teams for free, then the following will be $5 per team. Linked is my portfolio, which currently doesn't include any logos used for e-sports, because I do... Read more
Submitted 2:20pm 14/10/14. by OMGPineapple
Submitted 9:04am 13/10/14. by Bennysimm
Hey guys, linked here today is my gaming setup video. It's nothing special but I would like to show you guys what I work with and what helps me to game. Read more
Submitted 9:00pm 13/10/14. by Sharpy!
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