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Prizes: $76.00
Status: Signups open
Time: 2 hours, 26 min
Prizes: 5 days of premium
Time: 8:00pm 24/4/17
Prizes: 10 days of premium
Time: 6:00pm 25/4/17
Prizes: 5 days of premium
Time: 8:00pm 25/4/17
Prizes: 10 days of premium
Time: 6:00pm 26/4/17
Prizes: 5 days of premium
Time: 8:00pm 26/4/17
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Australian E-Sports Masters

in PC, PS, XBOX: General by Asterix - Apr 14th 2017

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the Australian E-Sports Masters website.

In an effort to create accessible competitive LANs on a much more frequent scale in the Oceanic region, CyberGamer has launched our new sister site that will play host to these competitions.

To kick things off with a bang we are excited to announce the first competition the Australian E-Sports Masters will host, a $9,000 eight team CSGO event with an online qualifying process in the form of a mini league open to all. The online component will feature a best of three swiss format and run for approximately two months. There will be no skill bracket separation outside of the default swiss pairings.

Swiss format starts everyone at 0W - 0L and will pair you in a match with a team on the same wins and losses as you each round. All qualifier matches are BO3. The qualifiers will be roughly 7 rounds and will continue until the top 8 is known. To save you from wasting your time you will be eliminated from the qualifiers if you reach 4 losses. Your matches will be scheduled via offering/accepting times, similar to CyberGamer.

Signups are open now and will close on April 27th.

The LAN Format will feature two groups of four in a BO1 round robin competition with the top two teams progressing to the BO3 finals single elimination bracket on the second day. The LAN finals is scheduled for July 1st and 2nd in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Please find the full details below.

Name: Australian Esports Masters #1

Format: Swiss online qualifiers into top 8 LAN

Entry Fee: $100 Per team

Prize Pool:
1st - $3000
2nd - $2000
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $500

Online Qualifiers: Starts April 27th, register here.

Lan Venue: CyberGamer Studio, Adelaide, July 1st + 2nd. 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown.

Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)

10 Year Anniversary and 2017 Roadmap

in PC, XBOX, PS by Cyanide. - Dec 29th 2016

10th Year Anniversary
It will be hard to mention 2017 without acknowledging that on the 9th of April 2017 CG will be turning 10. Starting with CoD2, in the last 10 years we have hosted nearly every major competitive game and been at the core of helping teams and players develop in the region.
Running a website like CyberGamer is far from an easy task as we have seen many sites come and go over this time. We first and foremost would like to thank all of the 350,000 members who have registered and used this site during the last ten years.

CG Verified Teams

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Dec 27th 2016

Hello everyone, today we're announcing a new feature called "CG Verified Teams". Which are active teams that are stable and have had a reasonably consistent roster for 6+ months.

In addition there is a second level called "Gold Verified" which is for teams that meet the normal verified requirements, but have also made the finals in a major competition in the last 12 months.

We hope this feature will help teams find organisations and sponsors easier by having CyberGamer vouch for the teams stability.

Click read more for more information.

Premium Upgrades

in PC, XBOX by Asterix - Sep 23rd 2016

Hello everyone, we're making some changes to CG Premium pricing for the first time in over 7 years.

CG Premium will now cost between $8.95/month and $11.50/month depending on whether you purchase it monthly/quarterly/yearly. With the average being $9.95/month

In addition to the monthly raffle draw and existing offerings, each month of CG premium that you purchase will now provide you with an entry ticket into a monthly final of your choice. Monthly finals typically have a prize pool of $500, but it will depend on the games popularity as we add more. Some existing ones are here:
We'll add an EU/NA version asap

The entry tickets that you receive for the monthly finals can be used at any time and do not expire, even if you lose your premium status. However we do also run various premium only tournaments that do require you to have an active subscription.

Users that win free CG Premium from tournaments and such (without paying for it), will not receive monthly final tickets or be entered into the monthly raffle.

We'll be making some further improvements to CG premium over the coming weeks, but the price change needs to be sorted first.

If you have any suggestions on what you'd like added to premium let me know.


Welcome to CG Version 6

in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Sep 21st 2016

Hello everyone, welcome to version 6 of the CG website. It combines various parts of version 4 and 5 of our site together.

As part of the new site we're bringing back the CG Premium monthly raffle:

The winner each month will receive an iPod Nano. In the future we will likely offer some additional choices for the 1st place prize, plus hopefully a 2nd and 3rd place prize.

If you run into any issues with the new site please post here.


Looking For Tournament Admins

in XBOX by vizzN - Jul 23rd 2016

Good evening all,

As you should all be very well aware the tournament system is continually growing in popularity which is producing more tournaments, more players and more prize money on a daily basis!

To be able to run these tournaments efficiently and effectively for the players, a handy and proficient staff team is fundamental to it's success. As such, the Platform Administrators have deemed it necessary to introduce a new staff role - XBOX Tournament Admin.

Essentially what this introduces is an improved level of support and dispute resolution to our daily tournaments, allowing the competing players to concentrate solely on their upcoming matches.

We are currently looking for a number of members from the community to take on this role and responsibility, information regarding the role and who should apply can be found below.

Announcing New Tournament Schedule

in XBOX by vizzN - Jul 14th 2016

Hello everyone,

With the recent influx of new players to CyberGamer, we wanted to implement a schedule that was consistent - as a result, we have decided to opt for a schedule that will provide the same game types at the same time every day. This will allow our players to get into a routine of knowing what time they expect to see their favourite tournaments.

It will also allow players to think ahead and lock in tournaments they wish to participate in a lot sooner. You and your friends will know what tournaments to expect and have the time needed to plan your participation in whatever tournament you choose.

Black Ops 3 Ruleset Update (S&D/OBJ)

in XBOX by vizzN - Jul 14th 2016

Hello everyone,

After feedback from the community as well as other internal admin discussion, we have decided to stream line our new rulesets with the CG PS CoD section. We have decided that a universal ruleset system will enable CG to be more efficient and productive when tackling CG disputes, Support Tickets, etc.

This will ultimately allow us to utilize our staff more effectively and provide the community with the best support available. The new ruleset(s) have been provided for your perusal below.

*Our ladders are currently LIVE with the new ruleset but tournaments are in the process of being updated.

CGXbox - Black Ops 3 S&D Ruleset Update (v1.5)

in XBOX by vizzN - Jun 26th 2016

CGXbox - BO3 S&D Ruleset Announcement
Reminder/Updates/Important Information

Hi there,

After reviewing the current S&D ruleset with the CoD Admin Team we are excited to announce the new and improved version 1.5 below:

*Our ladders are currently LIVE with the new ruleset but tournaments are in the process of being updated.

Black Ops 3: S&D CGo Ruleset v1.5

Note: The following settings are what must be changed for Search & Destroy. The rest of the settings are default.

Hosting: The highest seeded/standing team will always have host - detailed explanation at 'Rule 5.5 Hosting & Spawn Choice'.

Game Options - Search & Destroy
Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds
S&D AdvancedGeneralHealth and DamageCompetitiveGlobal Settings
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Silent Plant Enabled
Explosive Delay: Disabled
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Ban/Protect Voting: Disabled
Specialist Draft: Enabled
Team Assignment: Open
CODCasting: Disabled
3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
Dynamic Map Elements: Disabled
Revenge Voice: Disabled

Custom Class Restrictions
The following weapons, equipment, perks and attachments are banned and cannot be used.

Primary Weapons:

Secondary Weapons:


Black Market Weapons:
All Banned

Dual Wield
Rapid Fire
High Calibre

Perk Slot 1Perk Slot 2Perk Slot 3
Sixth Sense
Ante UP

Shock Charge
Trip Mine

H.I.V.E. , Rejack

Hardened Sentry, Guardian, UAV, Care Package, RAPS, Counter-UAV, H.A.T.R.


That's about it, of course if you have any problems or queries contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.

Many Thanks
XBOX COD Admin Team

Start your own gaming site!

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Jun 23rd 2016

Hi everyone, i'd like to find out if there's any interest out there for other communities to license a white-label version of CyberGamer's website software.

Your website would be on your domain under your brand name and we would host it for you. You would essentially pay us a monthly fee that covers the hosting of your site plus some kind of software license fee. We would waive the license fee for the first several customers in return for helping to beta test.

Click Read more for more information.

Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League - Split 2

in XBOX by vizzN - May 9th 2016

To the Oceania Xbox Smite community,

March this year marked the end of our very first Oceanic Xbox Smite Pro League, with the thrilling final between Citadel Gaming and Example. We've come a long way from the days of a Sunday Joust or Conquest tournament being the only way an aspiring team could make themselves known as the best. When the community began the workings towards a "pro-league", everything changed. It was amazing to see new teams form with this news and from the ground up, improving as players, as well as creating synergy with new faces in the scene. I can say confidently that the level of play from existing, as well as up and coming teams has come a bloody long way, and I'm proud of us as a community.

CyberGamer Premium

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 3rd 2016

Hello everyone, I've added a "weekly premium goal" bar to the right column of the website. This will run from Monday to Sunday each week, hopefully the modest goal can be reached most weeks.

CyberGamer relies on CG premium to meet our server hosting costs. CyberGamer is entirely run by volunteers and relies on CG premium to function. Some people have the opinion that CG makes tons of money and I'm swimming in cash, unfortunately this is not the case and CG does not pay me a wage and I've actually loaned CyberGamer money several times over the years when a payment to us has been delayed.

All money CyberGamer receives from our sponsors and advertisers is 100% spent every month on events, prizes, servers, etc. Premium is the only source of income that has any room to actually be saved and to give us some freedom.


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