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Advanced Warfare ASTRO Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Xbox One.

FIFA 15 ASTRO Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of FIFA 15. Xbox One.

Halo ASTRO Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of the Halo: Master Chief Collection. Xbox One.

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Title Prize Pool
XBONE: Call of Duty: Advanced...$1,300
XBONE: FIFA 15 - Head-to-Head...$200
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Submitted 7:55am 1/3/15. by exzz`
This is pRPLZ's latest nineth Fragshow starring himself. He is currently playing for myDesire Germany who are being rank1 in the 5on5 ladder. Read more
Submitted 3:20am 1/3/15. by exzz`
Submitted 10:05pm 27/2/15. by Sp!troast
Submitted 4:10pm 28/2/15. by Skitz!
Quote from rikkz on the 26th of February 2015: " Tonight we will have the Grand finals of the Bratislava Cup:, it is a bo5 so there will be plenty of action Stream will be on in advance for you to place your bets as usual, see you... Read more
Submitted 9:39pm 27/2/15. by els_
Submitted 7:37pm 27/2/15. by SkRALL
This Thursday, 26th of February, rikk will be streaming the game of iPLAY eSport vs Cyborg Factory @ 19:15 CET which is already the Grand Final of the Bratislava Cup. Tune in here: Read more
Quote from rikkz on the 24th of February 2015: " Tonight I will be streaming Gunrunners vs Team iNFINITE at 22.00 CET, it is round 1 of the CyberGamer Open League Season 1 Playoffs: The bets as always will be open in... Read more
Submitted 8:27am 23/2/15. by ivan053
Submitted 11:19pm 21/2/15. by Dezibel
Submitted 12:59am 22/2/15. by bakris125
Submitted 10:42am 22/2/15. by softA?!
Submitted 9:02pm 19/2/15. by Aidan
Submitted 1:35am 19/2/15. by rmzshka
Gfinity Arena in UK, which will host competitions in Hearthstone, Call of Duty, CS:GO, Starcraft and FIFA. We’re delighted to unveil The Gfinity Arena, in partnership with Vue. Gfinity will be transforming the Vue cinema in Fulham Broadway into the hom... Read more
Submitted 6:28pm 20/2/15. by Mouze
Submitted 11:48pm 17/2/15. by exzz`
This is the latest minimovie made for the german player lala who is currently playing for the first placed 5on5 team called myDesire Germany. Thanks to Creleur! Contacts: Xfire: creleur (Creleur) Xfire: qslala (lala) Read more
Submitted 5:21pm 17/2/15. by CryptiK.
Submitted 6:00am 16/2/15. by FM Movies
Submitted 11:33pm 14/2/15. by Mr. SharK
Hi Guys ! i will Run a Cod4 Public Server For Soon ! a German Server ! i hope you enjoy that ! Read more
Submitted 3:10am 10/2/15. by ManKid
Submitted 9:39pm 11/2/15. by kovaa-
Submitted 10:34pm 11/2/15. by mauSerrrrrr
Our first amateur video 2015 Snowboarding season shot entirely on a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver. Locations include: Slovenia, Maribor, Mariborsko pohorje. This is our first season riding with a Gopro. Thanks for watching. Read more
Submitted 10:14am 11/2/15. by Bewoken
Hi Dota players I was just seeing if there's any decent competitive teams looking for a new recruit, standin or even just so I can train with them, I can play any role needed just send me a message if you have any room with your team name and steam info. Read more
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