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Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League - Split 2

in XBOX by vizzN - May 9th 2016
Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League - Split 2 To the Oceania Xbox Smite community,

March this year marked the end of our very first Oceanic Xbox Smite Pro League, with the thrilling final between Citadel Gaming and Example. We've come a long way from the days of a Sunday Joust or Conquest tournament being the only way an aspiring team could make themselves known as the best. When the community began the workings towards a "pro-league", everything changed. It was amazing to see new teams form with this news and from the ground up, improving as players, as well as creating synergy with new faces in the scene. I can say confidently that the level of play from existing, as well as up and coming teams has come a bloody long way, and I'm proud of us as a community.


CyberGamer Premium

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 3rd 2016
CyberGamer Premium Hello everyone, I've added a "weekly premium goal" bar to the right column of the website. This will run from Monday to Sunday each week, hopefully the modest goal can be reached most weeks.

CyberGamer relies on CG premium to meet our server hosting costs. CyberGamer is entirely run by volunteers and relies on CG premium to function. Some people have the opinion that CG makes tons of money and I'm swimming in cash, unfortunately this is not the case and CG does not pay me a wage and I've actually loaned CyberGamer money several times over the years when a payment to us has been delayed.

All money CyberGamer receives from our sponsors and advertisers is 100% spent every month on events, prizes, servers, etc. Premium is the only source of income that has any room to actually be saved and to give us some freedom.


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Gears Of War is officially back on CyberGamer!

in XBOX: Gears of War by iLumberjack - Feb 28th 2016
Gears Of War is officially back on CyberGamer!

[indent]Welcome! Thanks to the support and approval of the CyberGamer staff and the collective effort of select individuals we are pleased to announce the return of the Gears Of War section here on CyberGamer. In the past CyberGamer has been the primary competitive home of the Gears Of War franchise in the Australian and New Zealand community and now in 2016, it hopes to reestablish itself and build back into what it once was in preparation for Gears Of War 4 and as we close out the Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition title.

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XB1 Pro Circuit Announcement

in XBOX by Cyanide. - Jan 27th 2016
XB1 Pro Circuit Announcement Hello everyone,

We are proud to announce with the huge increase in site activity that we are now able to bring you the CyberGamer Pro Circuit! Every day there will be tournaments for the 4v4 game modes which will award Circuit Points. Each month there will be a final tournament consisting of the top 8 teams based on total Circuit points for that month. These 8 teams will playoff for a minimum prize pool of $1000.

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Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League Schedule

in XBOX by vizzN - Jan 24th 2016
Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League Schedule SMITE XBOX PRO LEAGUE SCHEDULE - SEASON 1

Congratulations to all the teams who have secured a spot in the Smite Xbox Oceania Pro League Season 1. Our top six teams are officially announced below:
Xbox OPL Team 1 - Citadel
Xbox OPL Team 2 - Incept
Xbox OPL Team 3 - Vendetta
Xbox OPL Team 4 - Grudge
Xbox OPL Team 5 - Example
Xbox OPL Team 6 - Deadline

Over the next 5 weeks these teams will be battling it out to see who will rise to the top.

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Tournament Schedule and Wager Matches

in XBOX by vizzN - Jan 4th 2016
Tournament Schedule and Wager Matches With the recent additional activity of the Black Ops 3 ladders we are happy to bring you our weekly tournament schedule. Be sure to show your support and get involved.

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Looking For Tournament Admins

in XBOX by Cyanide. - Jan 4th 2016
Looking For Tournament Admins Good evening all,
As you should all be very well aware the tournament system is continually growing in popularity which is producing more tournaments, more players and more prize money on a daily basis!

To be able to run these tournaments efficiently and effectively for the players, a handy and proficient staff team is fundamental to it's success. As such, the Platform Administrators have deemed it necessary to introduce a new staff role - XBOX Tournament Admin.


Official Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League Announ...

in XBOX by vizzN - Dec 29th 2015
Official Xbox Smite Oceania Pro League Announcement To the Oceania Xbox Smite community,

It is with great pleasure that I can officially announce the first Xbox Pro League to be hosted here on CyberGamer. It is crucial for all interested teams to read through this thread; this is essentially a guide on how the league will operate.

On behalf of the Smite Admin team we would like to wish your team the best, please try to enjoy the first of many seasons to come for Xbox OPL.

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CyberGamer Partners With G2A.COM

in PC, PS, XBOX: General by Cyanide. - Dec 19th 2015
CyberGamer Partners With G2A.COM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 19th DECEMBER 2015, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA: CyberGamer and G2A.COM partner to deliver benefits to the Cybergamer community!

G2A.COM is the world's fastest growing Digital Marketplace with over 25 thousand digital products on offer ranging from software activation licenses for Steam, Origin, UPlay, PSN codes, Xbox Live to a wide range of skins at competitive prices. G2A's focus on digital products and software allows them to offer their unique G2A Shield that gives all customers peace of mind and security.

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Tournaments - Double Elimination Format

in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Dec 18th 2015
Tournaments - Double Elimination Format Hello everyone, i've added Double Elimination to the tournament system. I've changed a number of tournaments tomorrow night to double elimination.

If there's no issues with them we'll change a number of single elimination tournaments to Double Elimination.

Please note that the team that wins the main bracket needs to be defeated twice in the grand final (because they have not had a loss yet).

If you notice any issues tomorrow night let me know,


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CGXbox - Black Ops III Tournament Scheduling...

in XBOX by vizzN - Dec 1st 2015
CGXbox - Black Ops III Tournament Scheduling Announcement The launch of Black Ops 3 saw a spark of interest for Xbox competitive gaming and CG has responded accordingly. The closure of this section divided what was left of the Xbox community to PS4, other competitive gaming sites, and those who decided to quit. CG Xbox was Australia's largest competitive gaming community for the console. But now it is time to rebuild and grow the activity! The Xbox community still deserve the best, when it comes to the competitive gaming experience.

In light of what has been said, it is time to announce our plan to provide active tournaments for the Xbox One:

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BO3 2v2 S&D ladder is here!

in XBOX by vizzN - Nov 30th 2015
BO3 2v2 S&D ladder is here! Just a quick announcement regarding the addition of our new ladder!

2v2 S&D has become a popular theme here at Xbox and we will be showing our support for this concept by providing this ladder and nightly tournaments.

You can sign up for the ladder here:


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