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Advanced Warfare Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Xbox One.

FIFA 15 Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of FIFA 15. Xbox One.

Halo Championship Series
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be an awesome new and successful format for the duration of the Halo: Master Chief Collection. Xbox One.

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xboxone pay to play competitions
Title Prize Pool
XBONE: Call of Duty: Advanced...$1,400
XBONE: Advanced Warfare - Cha...$300
XBONE: FIFA 15 - Head-to-Head...$200
The CyberGamer Wall
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Submitted 16h 38m ago. by Itzzazuau
Is it just me who's friends list say thery are offline but none actuslly are? Read more
Submitted 11:09pm 17/4/15. by ReloadedChaos
Submitted 10:44pm 17/4/15. by Fusiion
Hi guys i am a smg slayer looking for a team that plays competitive cod aw on xbox 360 and has the gear like good headset and monitor and i am looking for a steam that knows map control always wins and are always practising please message TF Fusiion on xbox. Read more
Submitted 7:56pm 17/4/15. by oPMY
add me oPMY 4v4 varient scrim Read more
Submitted 3:49pm 17/4/15. by Fusiion
looking for a support to slayer member that is good has the equipment and is a good person also has to be 13 and over message Tf Fusiion for trial Read more
Submitted 7:22pm 15/4/15. by exeSammy
yo guys looking for three player to play alongside me under Team Recall hit me up. GT exeSammy, twitter @exeSammy Read more
Submitted 7:08pm 15/4/15. by Kuei Awsm
We are Diamond Div and we are searching for 2 others (with mic) to get into grand master thnx message back Read more
Submitted 1:56pm 15/4/15. by Hwiizzy
Hey Guys LF2 Dedicated Slayer or Objective Players, Raidenz can only play curtain amount of games, because of where he lives, but only until july. Read more
looking for people to play ranked and game battles with msg me if u want to join up Read more
Submitted 8:35pm 14/4/15. by exeSammy
yo whats up guys looking for 3 nz players on xbox one to join Team Recall hit me up Read more
Submitted 10:42am 14/4/15. by CoD_Hunterr
Looking for 3 people to play Rankplay AW Xbox 360 must have mic GT : Legacy Hunterr Read more
Submitted 9:36am 14/4/15. by ALC Spook
Hey all, we are looking for a person to stream some of our CG matches and doesplay matches. We need someone that can commentate over our matches and stream. If anyone is interested hit up Spook TA on XB1 Thanks Read more
Hey I'm looking for 3 people who want to party up on the XB1, tomorrow at 9:30 AEST onwards, I will be on at 9:30 but u can come when u please If ur interested just comment here, thanks. Im sick of having shit teammates in ranked or people leaving so... Read more
Submitted 3:51pm 13/4/15. by PiercingKnight
Hey guys were looking for a slayer for epro to compete in the cg midweeks mlg acl tournaments and doesplay tournaments each week were very active Read more
Submitted 8:14pm 12/4/15. by ALC Spook
Ok so me and Sharpy are looking to recruit new agents into team alchemy. We have experienced in tons of Doesplays, CG matches and ODC's. We looking for good people who have thumbs. Preferably Slayers, He is a bit of background on myself and Sharpy. Spook... Read more
Submitted 3:23pm 12/4/15. by Protonic Reqa
Submitted 10:54pm 11/4/15. by Finnxo
Submitted 2:28pm 11/4/15. by ReloadedChaos
Submitted 3:27am 11/4/15. by die mofos15512
hi looking for a team Position: Obj Strongest game mode: SnD Weakest game mode: Hardpoint if u are intrested in having me in your team please message me on XB1 on die mofos15512 thank you Read more
Submitted 10:38pm 10/4/15. by ReloadedChaos
Hey I'm looking for 2 more players who want to join a comp team. if you think ur interested and wanting to give it your all PM me Read more
Submitted 10:06pm 10/4/15. by Protonic Reqa
Submitted 10:06pm 10/4/15. by die mofos15512
looking 2 more players to play some ranked on XB1 please message die mofos15512 on XB1 if interested Read more
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