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Tournament Format Information
  • Once your team has 1 losses you are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Each round you play a team with the same number of wins and losses as you (without playing the same team twice).
  • Once there are 4 or less teams remaining a small knockout single elimination bracket is created for the finals.
Tournament brought to you by
Grand Final
Cyanide vs Jeremy Lateness.
6:37pm 23/12/15 - Completed - MAP TBA
Teams confirmed:15/16
Required minimum teams:8
Tournament status: Archived
Start time: Wednesday 5:53pm December 23rd 2015
Format: Swiss Format - 1 lives
If less than 10 teams join the format will change to: Double Elimination
Entry fee per player:Free
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5 days of premiumPrize Pool:
Players per team:1

CG Premium payout structure: (5 days of premium total)
1st:30 hours of CG Premium30 hours per player
2nd:18 hours of CG Premium18 hours per player
3rd:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
4th:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
5th:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
6th:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
7th:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
8th:12 hours of CG Premium12 hours per player
The premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.

1stJeremy Lateness.Yes
3rdbrucy late teamYes
4thZe German22Yes
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