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Tournament Servers - Now
DetailsCurrent status
xxx:27060Server available
xxx:27068Server available
xxx:27074Server available
xxx:27072Server available
xxx:27080Server available
xxx:27078Server available
xxx:27076Server available
xxx:27082Server available
xxx:27088Server available
xxx:27084Server available
xxx:27076Server available
xxx:27062Server available
xxx:27072Server available
xxx:27090Server available
xxx:27062Server available
xxx:27064Server available
xxx:27062Server available
xxx:27064Server available
xxx:27122Server available
xxx:27120Server available
Total servers available: 20/20
Servers required for the first round: 2
Each server is reserved for: 107 minutes
Any servers marked as offline may actually be online, the website only checks their status every 2-3 hours.
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