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Tournament Servers - Now
DetailsCurrent status
xxx:27060LADDER (CS:GO Open Ladder): WePlay vs Pandem1c
1h 51m ago - Scheduled (scores entered) - de_overpass
Server available
xxx:27068LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Flamingo Amigos vs Downfall Red
51m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_mirage
xxx:27074LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): UNPARK vs Myth
1h 21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_Inferno
xxx:27072LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Proximity vs magnet
1h 21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_cache
xxx:27080LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Lunatix vs Exsto Gaming
21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_cache
xxx:27078LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Conspiracy vs Directive
21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_cbble
xxx:27076LADDER (CS:GO Open Ladder): FyNity vs Tsunami CS
51m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_train
xxx:27082LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Team dinQ vs iNtrepid
51m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_mirage
xxx:27088LADDER (CS:GO Open Ladder): Tempered vs Thex.CS
1h 21m ago - Scheduled (scores entered) - de_cache
Server available
xxx:27084LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Team Defy.CS vs Vexitus
8m from now - Scheduled tonight: 9:30pm - de_cache
xxx:27076LADDER (CS:GO Open Ladder): Divided vs The KFC Krew
51m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_train
xxx:27062LEAGUE (Acer CGPL Autumn 2017): Athletico Academy vs Vanquishers
46m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_train
xxx:27072LADDER (CS:GO Open Ladder): Surge Juniors vs e-penitentiary
1h 21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_train
xxx:27090Server available
xxx:27062Server available
xxx:27064Server available
xxx:27062LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Forsaken vs SSU Academy
1h 21m ago - Scheduled (scores entered) - de_train
Server available
xxx:27064Server available
xxx:27122LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Online GODS vs Incyde eSports
1h 51m ago - Scheduled (scores entered) - de_Inferno
Server available
xxx:27120LADDER (Acer CGPL Amateur Autumn): Victrix vs Hydra CS
21m ago - Scheduled (started) - de_cache
Total servers available: 8/20
Servers required for the first round: 6
Each server is reserved for: 107 minutes
Any servers marked as offline may actually be online, the website only checks their status every 2-3 hours.