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Bad To The Bones >All Stars<'s Logo
Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: BttB
Recruiting: Yes
May 25th 11
Matches Played: 1
Points: 50
Core Changes: 5
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: Bad To The Bones >All Stars<
Members: 8
Locations: PH (4) AU (2) NO (1) GB (1)
Registered: 25/5/11
Founder: semperfi000
Online Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
30th May Match Draw vs 3xA Gaming: Alpha
30th May insan1ty joined the team
30th May mau570 joined the team
30th May ROFL-COPTER joined the team
29th May SiLL3NT_KiLL3R joined the team
28th May Challenged 3xA Gaming: Alpha to a match
26th May C@TBoY joined the team
25th May darkmartim joined the team
25th May MaRtyrdom joined the team
About Us
BttB as we join the choir,
to put you through this endless war.

We the kings are summon,
but only 1 thing we are common...

"To live Kneeling or TO DIE TRYING!"

Welcome to BttB
Team Members
Site Flag Avatar Alias Online Rank Joined
0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
PH C@TBoY Offline Member 26th May 2011
NO darkmartim Offline Captain 25th May 2011
PH insan1ty Offline Member 30th May 2011
PH MaRtyrdom Offline Captain 25th May 2011
PH mau570 Offline Member 30th May 2011
AU ROFL-COPTER Offline Member 30th May 2011
GB semperfi000 Offline Founder
25th May 2011
AU SiLL3NT_KiLL3R Offline Member 29th May 2011
SE Duxy
INELIGIBLE: Hasn't accepted invite.
Offline Invited 27th May 2011
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L F A Map Started Date More
3xA Gaming: Alpha 11 mp_mountain Home 30th, May 11 View
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