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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: Shutdown
Recruiting: No
Dec 14th 08
Matches Played: 38
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Members: 3
Locations: AU (3)
Registered: 14/12/08
Founder: roxas
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
16th Jun Lost to phamp0c - Lighten Up loss 11 win 16
13th Jun Challenged phamp0c - Lighten Up to a match
11th Jun Defeated Extra Large win 1 loss 0
3rd Jun Accepted Extra Large's Challenge on de_inferno for 9pm 11th Jun
2nd Jun Lost to Nintendo. loss 13 win 16
29th May Challenged Nintendo. to a match
28th May Defeated team noqq win 16 loss 9
25th May Challenged team noqq to a match
25th May Defeated Team R3@L win 16 loss 2
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Team Members
Site Flag Avatar Alias Online Rank Joined
AU batnIcK (STEAM_0:1:18917522)
Inactive account
Offline Lieutenant 30th Mar 2009
AU roxas (STEAM_0:0:4368)
Inactive account
Offline Founder
14th Dec 2008
AU tbethune (STEAM_0:1:9592866)
Inactive account
Offline Lieutenant 15th Dec 2008
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L F A Map Started Date More
phamp0c - Lighten Up loss 1116 de_contra Home 16th, Jun 09 View
Extra Large
Match was disputed
win 10 de_inferno Away 11th, Jun 09 View
Nintendo. loss 1316 de_nuke Home 2nd, Jun 09 View
team noqq win 169 de_tuscan Home 28th, May 09 View
Team R3@L
Match was disputed
win 162 de_nuke Home 25th, May 09 View
Combat Support Agency
Match was disputed
win 161 de_inferno Away 18th, May 09 View
Match was disputed
loss 016 de_nuke Away 14th, May 09 View
remake loss 1619 de_nuke Home 8th, May 09 View
Three Letter Acronym win 1612 de_nuke Away 3rd, May 09 View
-Ngat!- win 160 de_nuke Home 28th, Apr 09 View
Reduct win 1613 de_inferno Away 24th, Apr 09 View
phamp0c - Lighten Up loss 916 de_tuscan Home 19th, Apr 09 View
EREBUS win 1614 de_nuke Away 11th, Apr 09 View
Team ForbiddeN Old loss 1216 de_inferno Home 5th, Apr 09 View
Resolved Gaming
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
Divide by Zero
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
Opponent W/L F A Map Started Date More
tacticalknockout win 164 de_inferno Away 29th, Mar 09 View
#teamdeviate loss 516 de_train Home 20th, Mar 09 View
Voss L-AR/PK Rockets
Match was disputed
win 164 de_train Home 13th, Mar 09 View
The Company win 1613 de_nuke Away 9th, Mar 09 View loss 1316 de_inferno Home 5th, Mar 09 View
Nothing 4 Nobody loss 816 de_tuscan Away 26th, Feb 09 View
Voss L-AR/PK Rockets win 162 de_dust2 Home 22nd, Feb 09 View
exoduS#. win 168 de_nuke Away 17th, Feb 09 View
Optim win 168 de_inferno Away 10th, Feb 09 View
remake loss 1116 de_train Home 6th, Feb 09 View
Invalid# Gaming
Match was disputed
win 166 de_dust2 Home 31st, Jan 09 View
WOT !? win 168 de_nuke Away 22nd, Jan 09 View
Inertia [CoD] loss 1416 de_dust2 Home 18th, Jan 09 View
Melbourne systeM win 10 de_nuke Home 11th, Jan 09 View
CAT5 win 169 de_nuke Away 4th, Jan 09 View
Original Knifers loss 516 de_inferno Home 28th, Dec 08 View
iNTERVENE win 168 de_nuke Home 20th, Dec 08 View
QUADPLAY win 10 - Home - View
EndemicOnline win 240 - Home - View win 240 - Home - View
The Academy of Nateus OLD win 10 - Home - View
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