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The Creaky Experience + 4Rands's Logo
Additional Information
Platform: PC
Tag: 4r
Recruiting: Yes
Aug 11th 09
Matches Played: 13
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
General Information
Name: The Creaky Experience + 4Rands
Members: 2
Locations: AU (2)
Registered: 11/8/09
Founder: Zephyrz
Online Status:
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
24th Sep Match Draw vs
22nd Sep Accepted's Challenge on de_tuscan for 8pm 24th Sep
20th Sep Lost to #sharp loss 3 win 16
15th Sep Accepted #sharp's Challenge on de_tuscan for 8pm Sunday 20th Sep
14th Sep Lost to deadmates loss 5 win 16
10th Sep Accepted deadmates's Challenge on de_inferno for 8pm 14th Sep
9th Sep Lost to -Ngat!- loss 12 win 16
1st Sep Accepted -Ngat!-'s Challenge on de_inferno for 7pm 9th Sep
31st Aug Lost to masqueRade loss 5 win 16
About Us
Like the Jonas Brothers, only gayer.

zephyR - Can bench press a Toyota Hilux...... with his dick. CONSULT -

curreh - recovering child molestation victim, it's not his fault for being such a damn sexy toddler

Naja - The whitest substance known to man. So white looking at him burns the retinas. Like a motherfucking walking flash bang yo.
Faggot - TheBigCheese, loves the milky salty taste of male discharge, occasionaly finds large amounts of sand in his vagina but apart from that he's a cool cat.
Team Members
Site Flag Avatar Alias Online Rank Joined
AU Naja (STEAM_0:0:17652062)
Inactive account
Offline Captain 6th Sep 2009
AU oddsox
Inactive account
Offline Captain 11th Aug 2009
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L F A Map Started Date More 00 de_tuscan Away 24th, Sep 09 View
#sharp loss 316 de_tuscan Away 20th, Sep 09 View
deadmates loss 516 de_inferno Away 14th, Sep 09 View
-Ngat!- loss 1216 de_inferno Away 9th, Sep 09 View
Match was disputed
loss 516 de_tuscan Away 31st, Aug 09 View
HsR` loss 316 de_nuke Home 26th, Aug 09 View
icon multigaming win 10 de_inferno Home 18th, Aug 09 View
KryptiC.V Gaming
The Creaky Experience + 4Rands
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
RanDs v2
The Creaky Experience + 4Rands
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
The Creaky Experience + 4Rands
didn't accept the match
loss 01 - Away - View
F***ing Awesome Players win 10 - Home - View
Attrition win 10 - Home - View
Conspiracy win 10 - Home - View
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