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PS4: COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
Status: Final: Completed
Prizes: 6 days of premium
PS4: COD IW: 2v2 SnD 1nD
Status: Running - Single Elimination
Prizes: 6 days of premium
PS4: COD IW: 1v1 SnD
Status: Final: Completed
Prizes: 3 days of premium
PS4: COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
Status: Grand final underway
Time: 2h 27m ago
Prizes: 10 days of premium
PS4: COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
Time: 12:00pm 26/3/17
Prizes: 10 days of premium
PS4: COD IW: 1v1 SnD
Time: 3:00pm 26/3/17
Prizes: 5 days of premium
PS4: COD MWR: 3v3 SnD
Time: 3:00pm 26/3/17
Prizes: 15 days of premium
PS4: COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
Time: 5:30pm 26/3/17
Prizes: 10 days of premium
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Seagate FireCuda Cup

in PC, PS by Cyanide. - Feb 12th 2017

Welcome Back in 2017
We are excited to get things started again in 2017 Rocket League on CyberGamer. To kick things off we have teamed up with Seagate to bring in the first seven week pro league.
More Info: FireCuda Cup landing page

[PS4] MWR 5v5 Leagues Season 1 Further Inform...

in PS by Jiszmik - Jan 18th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 1 of [b]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RM 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over several weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

Rocket League Return 2017

in PC, PS by Rocket League Admin - Jan 15th 2017

With the recent announcements for 2017 we want to make sure we have the best esports titles supported this year. Rocket League with out a doubt deserves its place in the mix. To kick things off, we have brought back three tournaments as week for Rocket League on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights that are catered to PS and PC cross platform. This will help get teams warmed up and ready for the Pro Leagues starting mid February.

[MWR] S1 Registration Thread

in PS by Etri - Jan 14th 2017

Hello everyone,

COD-RM Invitational Leagues Season 1 registrations are now open for the next exciting installment of leagues with the first ever Season on the new COD4-RM and hopefully many more to follow.

For detailed information about the structure of this season we have linked the announcement thread above or you can simply click here. There is some major changes for this season, and we will outline key points below, along with a detailed selection and invitation process and the registration process. It is important to read through the selection and invitation information as this is very much what relates to your team receiving an invitation to compete.

IW: CGp Team Invite Announcement

in PS by GIBERER - Jan 11th 2017

Welcome all,

Today it brings us much pleasure to announce the four teams we have invited to compete in the CyberGamer Professional league for the Autumn season of CGPL. Much debate went into the teams who would be invited, so this thread will not only address the invited teams, but also the selection process.

IW: CGPL Autumn Qualifier Information

in PS, PC by GIBERER - Jan 4th 2017

Welcome all,

It brings us all great pleasure to be able to bring more information regarding the first season of Infinite Warfare leagues. With the announcement of the CyberGamer Premier League, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for Call of Duty on CG. Before we kick off the league however, we have plenty of competition leading up with FFYI's.

10 Year Anniversary and 2017 Roadmap

in PC, XBOX, PS by Cyanide. - Dec 29th 2016

10th Year Anniversary
It will be hard to mention 2017 without acknowledging that on the 9th of April 2017 CG will be turning 10. Starting with CoD2, in the last 10 years we have hosted nearly every major competitive game and been at the core of helping teams and players develop in the region.
Running a website like CyberGamer is far from an easy task as we have seen many sites come and go over this time. We first and foremost would like to thank all of the 350,000 members who have registered and used this site during the last ten years.

CG Verified Teams

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Dec 27th 2016

Hello everyone, today we're announcing a new feature called "CG Verified Teams". Which are active teams that are stable and have had a reasonably consistent roster for 6+ months.

In addition there is a second level called "Gold Verified" which is for teams that meet the normal verified requirements, but have also made the finals in a major competition in the last 12 months.

We hope this feature will help teams find organisations and sponsors easier by having CyberGamer vouch for the teams stability.

Click read more for more information.

COD4 Ruleset v1.5 Update

in PS by BOYLEZ - Dec 18th 2016

Ruleset Update

Good Evening all,

With our continued efforts to make the ruleset the most competitive possible, we have made some more changes to the ruleset. One key change is the addition of the classic map "Strike", which really needs no explaining as to why this has been added. The second big change is the removal of the Skorpion, which has caused a bit of controversy over the last couple of weeks.


-Maps Added: Strike
-All melee banned
-Skorpion Banned
-Removal of Maps: Downpour Ambush, Bog (23/11/16)
- [Trial] Removal of M16 (21/11/16 - 23/11/16)
-Perk 1 Changed from Bandolier to Bomb Squad (13/11/16)
-Scorpion added to Sub Machine Guns (13/11/16)
-Perk 3 changed to Eavesdrop from Ironlungs (6/11/16)
-Removal of Flash Grenades (6/11/16)

SPOILER: CoD4 RM Rule-set v1.5

[PS] Updated Tournament Structure

in PS by Jiszmik - Dec 12th 2016

With the release of the Premium only tournaments we have been deciding what days we can release Cash Injection, Free to play, and off-season league tournament for premium users to enjoy. We are fairly happy this will give premium users the best opportunity to get the most out of their premium, though if you would like to suggest changes we are happy to have a look at a re-model.

Infinite Warfare Tournament Schedule

  • $120 cash injection Monday 7pm
  • $120 cash injection Wednesday 7pm
  • Free to play 4v4 OBJ Saturday 7pm
  • Free to play 2v2 Monday 12am
  • Free to play 2v2 Friday 12am
  • $10 entry Off season leagues

Modern Warfare Tournament Schedule

  • $120 cash injection Tuesday 7pm
  • $120 cash injection Thursday 7pm
  • Free to play 5v5 SnD Sunday 7pm
  • Free to play 2v2 Friday 10pm
  • $10 entry Off season leagues

With all $120 cash injection tournaments on both titles we have now changed it to pay out places 1,2,3. Meaning if you lose your semi-final you will still be placed in another match to fight it out for 3rds prize pool.

Prize Split:
1st: $60.00
2nd: $36.00
3rd: $24.00

We have moved all IW 4v4 tournaments to start at the later time of 7pm and moved all MWR 5v5 tournaments to also start at 7pm. With all these changes we are expecting there to be a couple of bugs in the tournament system, if you find one please be sure to tell us so we can fix it up for you. All of these changes are effective as of 7pm 12/12/16.

[PS4] Tournament Updates & Info

in PS by GIBERER - Dec 6th 2016

Welcome all,

Today I am very happy to introduce a great new concept the entire admin team cant wait to kick off. With the recent feedback from the community, we have aimed to further expand your tournament experience around what you have requested whilst increasing the competitiveness and incentive to play. I'm sure many of you are eager to find out about what these changes are and will be fully detailed below.

Click read more for more information.

COD4 Ruleset v1.3 Update

in PS by Travalord - Nov 21st 2016

Good Evening all,

With our continued efforts to make the ruleset the most competitive possible, we have made some temporary changes to the ruleset along with adding some permanent changes. We are trialing the ruleset without the use of the M16, this is clearly the most used gun in the game and significantly easier to use long range then any other gun. We are also aware that with the removal of this, the next best long range gun is a sniper, which is why we are limiting this to 1 per team.

In this 3 days of trailing the ruleset we are seeking constructive feedback on the pro's and con's of the gun changes. We want as much feedback as possible but we do not want to go through 10 pages of people telling us how much we are ruining the game and members fighting about how good they are.

Note: Any non-constructive posts that take aim at any admins or other users will result in a lengthy forum ban.

We are also trailaing for these 3 days the removal of VETO system in tournaments, with the removal of Bog and Ambush we feel all the remaining maps provide enough gameplay to be in the rotation.


-Removal of M16
-Limit 1 scope per team
-Removal of Maps: Ambush, Bog

-Perk 1 Changed from Bandolier to Bomb Squad (13/11/16)
-Scorpion added to Sub Machine Guns (13/11/16)
-Perk 3 changed to Eavesdrop from Ironlungs (6/11/16)
-Removal of Flash Grenades (6/11/16)

CoD4 RM Rule-set v1.2

Many Thanks,
COD Admin Team