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[MWR] Registration Closing Reminder New!

in PS by Krizy - 7h ago

G'day Everyone,
This is just a friendly reminder that Registrations for Season 3 of leagues close tomorrow Wednesday the 23rd of August . If you have any questions for us regarding leagues then please make a support ticket and a COD Admin will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks
PS COD Admin Team

[MWR] 5v5 Season 3 Leagues Registration

in PS by TheRealPhadez - Aug 20th 2017

Hello everyone,

COD-RM Invitational Leagues Season 3 registrations are now open for the next exciting installment of leagues with the 2nd Season on COD4-RM completed we hope to bring another successful leagues this time around.

Throughout this registration period the Administration Team will not be answering questions regarding whether your team has a 'chance' of being selected, you will not receive any special treatment to indicate whether your team will be invited.

It is important to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for this competition as they directly relate to how the competition is run.


5v5 Search and Destroy League

  • ALL Teams selected by admins unless otherwise necessary
  • 6 week Pool Play period (28th of August - 8th of October),
  • Each match will be a Best of 2 format with F/A and H2H used for tied placing
  • 4 Week Finals Period (9th of October - 5th of November),

  • The 5v5 Leagues will consist of CGi, CGm, CGa

    # of Teams
    Entry Fee
    Age Restrictions
    Groups of 6

Invitation Selection Process

Please make sure that before registering you read the selection considerations located below. In some circumstances it may be possible for teams to receive exemption (or deter slightly away) from the following considerations; this will be based on the COD Admin Team's discretion.

Performance during off season league - Previous Season's One and Two & Three of BO3 (if applicable)
Performance during CGo Seasons (if applicable)
Performance during other notable competitions on CyberGamer PS (if applicable)
Achievable skill level

Registration Process

To register, please fill out the template below with all required information. Please use the same format. You do not choose which league you apply for, you will be placed into a league based upon the consideration's outlined above. Registration will close Wednesday the 23rd of August
If you do not give a link to your team in your information, your team will not be considered for selection. You must give a link to a current roster, you are free to change members within that roster until the cut off date. This is to eliminate a player being on two team rosters, and make it easier for us to make selections.

Your team agrees to pay entry fees by a date given by the COD Admin Team: (Yes/No)
Your team agrees to all Terms and Conditions and that their leagues position will be determined based upon the given considerations: (Yes/No)

Terms and Conditions

League Conditions

Team Conditions

Match Conditions

Media and Marketing Conditions

Administration Conditions

Prize Pool


*Prize pool calculated on 6 CGi teams, 6 CGm teams, 12 CGa teams paying, Cybergamer reserves the right to change the calculation of the prize pool if we do not achieve these numbers.

Many Thanks
PS COD Admin Team

[PS] Staff Additions

in PS by Jiszmik - Jul 24th 2017

Hello All,

Recently we asked for some more volunteers to help us grow the PS area of Cybergamer. We have had a lot of applications and although we wish we could have taken everyone on for a staff role, we simply couldn't do so. We had 16 people apply for COD Admin, and several others apply for other positions on the site, if you were unsuccessful in getting a COD admin position, but you would still be keen to help out on our tournament side please send me a PM and I will see what we can work out.

We also have decided to give a few people a multi role position, as we feel they will be useful in more then one area. Below is an outline on how the curent admin team is structured, and hopefully it will give you a better idea on who to go to for what, so your concerns/questions/complaints go to the right person. We have also let a few go who were either ready to go or became inactive.

Head Admin
Head 5's Admin
Head 4's Admin
MWR Lead Admin
MWR Lead Admin
IW Lead Admin

Now we have a look into our new team, which will consist of a lot of new people to the staff realms, and we hope you can be patient as we continue to set up and educate these people on their roles, and how to use functions of the website, although they are being announced today, we won't be fully set up until this time next week, so we ask the community to remain patient while the steps are being taken.

COD Admins/Support Admins

The role of these newly appointed COD/Support admins won't be as involved in running the leagues as in previous experiences, as we have already established the leagues and how they are run. These new admins are being bought on board to move the community forward, to support you all in any general issues/concerns you have, and to come up with any new ideas/competitions, or to improve any existing competitions/tournaments including rulesets, times and structure that are currently run on Cybergamer PS. We hope with the intake of these new volunteers we can engage with the community better and bring you more of what you want.

Lets get into it, and congratulations to all accepted:

Scruffy has been involved with our staff ranks for a while and one of the very few who have been active over a long period of time, this is a well deserved promotion, and although this has been in the works for a while we are still excited to see how he goes, with his expertise lying around Media we are hoping he will have some great ideas on how to promote this great website and help us grow.

We welcome back hip into the admin team, we have seen what he has done in the past and he will be a great person to have around to help out the new guys on how to work their way around the website, while giving the team a good voice of reason. Hip is also very good at dealing with the community and getting buy in with the changes that need to be made. Welcome back.

Diddy has applied to join the admin ranks to give us an extra opinion on leagues and to be a support admin. His main role as admin will be to help out the community in any areas they feel they need help with. This guy will be a good person to talk to if you have any general questions about the site or are wondering what is coming up next in the PS area, diddy has been around since day 1 and is still active on the site, so we see not harm in giving this long serving member of the community a chance to help us grow.

We would be stupid to not give the man a shot, with the work he put into a successful State of Origin series and the constant questions he asks for things to change, we feel it is an opportunity for him to show his worth. We look forward to having round table discussions with his ideas to see how we can best implement them, and if they are viable for the website. Skcel is wanting to be invloved in the running of leagues, so he will be working closely with Shadz and Phadez in the day to day operations of the competitions.

When doing the vetting process on all applicants I try to find out how hated/loved people are in the community and I found it very hard to find anyone who hated Gunzilla, so prepare to be hated in the short future. Gunzilla will do a similar role to Diddy in terms of helping out the community with any issues they have. Also competing at a high level he will be able to give us insight into what changes could be beneficial to the PS side.

With the addition of a couple of high level competitors into the admin ranks, why not one more. We have given Krizy a shot to simply give us a different point of view on a lot of discussion points that we are sure will come up. Krizy has also shown motivation towards our tournament system and improving that, so hopefully he can work with Phadez to bring a new experience to us all.

Vibezor probably had the strongest application in terms of experience in this type of role. Vibezor will be mainly focusing on a support admin role, and although he will be most welcome to join in our round table discussions, we are hoping vibezor we bring us ideas by engaging with the community on a regular basis and letting us know what is needed to continue to move forward.

Having shown constant interest for wanting to help grow and build the community, he has finally been given his shot to shine. Being an active and vocal member of the 4s community, he is sure to be a great contributor to many of the discussions involving the direction we head in the future. The addition also increases our community reach and ease of contact which will make us all the more accessible. We are truly excited to see what Ethnn can bring to the table.

pezgod & Conqr
Both of these guys have been members of staff for a period of time now and have both shown that they are willing and capable of doing work, we have given them both a promotion into the realm of COD admin so they have more tools to continue doing what they both do so well, as well as give their advise and opinion on the PS moving forward, we are happy to have them help us grow as a community.

Tournament Admins

We have also had some application for tournament admins, and although a couple of you have asked to be a COD admin at first preference, we felt this would be a better suited. We hope that the community can have a much better experience through our tournament system with newly motivated staff to help assist in any disputes.
  • fantastic888
  • Method
  • zespre
  • moqurr
  • lowkeyskat
  • Johnde

Media Team

We understand that with the way streaming is exposing our e-sports scene we need to jump on that train too, we have chosen these guys for their talents, with all 3 having the ability to stream, we are hoping to bring you more high level matches weekly, along with written content to compliment these streams.

  • Gunzilla
  • Swak
  • Kanjoh

That just about wraps it up, and I will restate that with this many people coming onto our team at once, it will take time to set everyone up and get everyone familiar with the correct way to get around the site, so we again ask for your patience. We look forward to seeing what these guys can do.

[PS] Looking For All Staff

in PS by Jiszmik - Jul 21st 2017

Hello everyone,

Today we open the lines to everyone in the community to apply for staff positions from cod admin all the way through to making herni's coffee. I have attached below the generic criteria that we usually follow when we are looking for staff. The only thing we are going to be looking for is activity and commitment.

The people who think they don't have a chance to work in the staff because they think another current member in staff does not get along with them can still apply, and I encourage those people to do so, if they are active and committed.

Just to let you all know what positions are currently available to everyone and applications we are hoping to find are:

  • PS COD Admin
  • PS Tournament Admin
  • PS Support Admin
  • PS YouTube Team
  • PS Shoutcasting Team (Streamers and Casters)
  • PS Media Team

Please if you are looking to apply, we do not need a 5000 word essay, but we do expect you to put some effort into your application, someone who applies with 'yep me' will automatically be declined.

Who Should Apply?

This role would be suited to persons/players who can attribute to most (or all) of the following;
  • Active daily on CyberGamer.
  • Familiar with the system/area you wish to apply for.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a time critical environment.
  • Ability to make unbiased, timely decisions.
  • Dedicated to improving CyberGamer.
  • Active on CGPS4
  • Knowledgeable of the ongoing competitions and their participants
  • Mature and responsible
  • Able to give constructive input into discussions
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Ability to access Discord/Skype regularly for collaboration

Requirements listed in bold are key areas you must be able to fulfill

How to Apply?

Applications are to be created and submitted through the Staff Application System. The following steps will assist you in creating the application.
  • Load the application page -
  • Enter your name
  • Under platform select, "PS4"
  • Check the box next to "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3". If you choose to apply for ONLY a Game Admin role, select "Game Admin" from the drop down box. If you wish to apply for a Tournament Admin role or both roles, select "Other" from the drop down menu, and fill in the role(s) you wish to apply for.
  • Write up your application in the provided textbox.
  • Click submit

If you are unable to lodge an application for whatever reason, create a Support Ticket with the information listed above. If you would like to know more information into any of the unlisted roles please feel free to contact myself.

If you have any further questions regarding the position or anything from the thread, feel free to post below!

Thank you,
CyberGamer PS Administration

Premium price changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Jul 18th 2017

Hello everyone, a lot has changed in the 9 months since we made CyberGamer Premium mandatory for most competitions.

Our running costs have greatly risen since then, mainly due to our new studio in Adelaide which costs $9000+/month to run.

As such, the premium pricing structure will change on August 1st to the following:
Monthly: $14.95 per month
Quarterly: $13.95 per month ($41.85)
Biannual: $12.95 per month ($77.70)
Yearly: Will be removed due to lack of use.

CyberGamer is a small company, we are essentially run entirely by volunteers. Changes like this are not to increase our "profit" (there is none), but truly to cover our running costs. I hope most of you can understand.


Mobile & Menu Changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 29th 2017

Hello everyone, i've updated the site to be a bit more mobile friendly. This includes the top menu of the site, and the main page content.

There will be a few style issues that i'll be sorting for the rest of the day, if you have any issues that persist beyond today, open a support ticket.


Portal Knights giveaway

in PS by Asterix - May 19th 2017

Hi PS4 guys, i've been sent 5 PS4 promo codes for Portal Knights, if you're interested send me a PM. I know it's probably not really aimed at the typical CG PS user, but who knows.

Click read more for more information.


[PS4] MWR 5v5 Leagues Season 2 Further Inform...

in PS by FastFeet__ - May 12th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time to announce Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RM 5v5 Invitational Leagues Information!

The best teams and players on the platform will battle it out over several weeks of intense competition for the distinguished title of league champions, as well as a slice of the illustrious prize pool up for grabs.

This thread contains a comprehensive breakdown of the competition. Although this thread may be extensive and exhausting to read, we cannot stress to you enough that each section is read carefully if you are considering competing in leagues, as it all is extremely relevant to the overall operation of the tournament.

[MWR] 5v5 Registration Thread - Season 2

in PS by Jiszmik - May 8th 2017

Hello everyone,

COD-RM Invitational Leagues Season 2 registrations are now open for the next exciting installment of leagues with the first ever Season on COD4-RM completed we hope to bring another successful leagues this time around. We have increased the entry fee on the recommendation of many players, we have calculated 100% of these extra fee's into the prize pool which you can see below, if you have any concerns with this, please let us know below.

[MWR] 5v5 Season Two Announcement

in PS by Jiszmik - May 4th 2017

Hello everyone,

We are proud to bring to you another COD4-RM League Season. To further continue the ever increasing number of competitions and different ways to compete, we have made a few necessary tweaks to give you, the players, the most enjoyable experience we can possibly provide whilst maintaining a fair competitive playing field. This thread will be an overview of what is to come in the season ahead, with more in depth details released in the league registration thread being released tomorrow night.

[IW] Season 1 CGp & CGm Relegation Info

in PS by GIBERER - Apr 20th 2017

Welcome all,

Today we are happy to begin the long awaited journey to the second season of CGPL. This weekend, 8 teams will battle it out to determine the final 4 teams in CGp as well as who will round out CGm for season 2. For some, this is just another step in the journey to finally playing at a LAN event, while others look to defend their crown. Also, as per the S1 FFYI's the relegations will require premium to compete as they are a league event. This is a non negotiable and must be purchased before competing.

Australian E-Sports Masters

in PC, PS, XBOX: General by Asterix - Apr 14th 2017

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the Australian E-Sports Masters website.

In an effort to create accessible competitive LANs on a much more frequent scale in the Oceanic region, CyberGamer has launched our new sister site that will play host to these competitions.

To kick things off with a bang we are excited to announce the first competition the Australian E-Sports Masters will host, a $9,000 eight team CSGO event with an online qualifying process in the form of a mini league open to all. The online component will feature a best of three swiss format and run for approximately two months. There will be no skill bracket separation outside of the default swiss pairings.

Swiss format starts everyone at 0W - 0L and will pair you in a match with a team on the same wins and losses as you each round. All qualifier matches are BO3. The qualifiers will be roughly 7 rounds and will continue until the top 8 is known. To save you from wasting your time you will be eliminated from the qualifiers if you reach 4 losses. Your matches will be scheduled via offering/accepting times, similar to CyberGamer.

Signups are open now and will close on April 27th.

The LAN Format will feature two groups of four in a BO1 round robin competition with the top two teams progressing to the BO3 finals single elimination bracket on the second day. The LAN finals is scheduled for July 1st and 2nd in Adelaide at the CG Studio, 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown, SA.

Please find the full details below.

Name: Australian Esports Masters #1

Format: Swiss online qualifiers into top 8 LAN

Entry Fee: $100 Per team

Prize Pool:
1st - $3000
2nd - $2000
3rd - $1000
4th - $1000
5th - 8th - $500

Online Qualifiers: Starts April 27th, register here.

Lan Venue: CyberGamer Studio, Adelaide, July 1st + 2nd. 10 Lagunta Ave, Edwardstown.

Ruleset: CyberGamer CSGO 5v5 Ruleset (CG bans apply)

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