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General Information
Name: Andy
Age/Gender: 21, Male
Location: Australia, Victoria
Registered: 12/7/10
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 9/1/14
Tournament Achievements
`AIRZKE has not competed in any tournaments.
Recent Activity
1:26am 18/12/13 Joined VOX, a PC: Defense of the Ancients 2 team, rank of Captain.
6:37pm 3/6/12 Changed username, previously: `AIR
6:37pm 3/6/12 Changed username, previously: `AIRzke
6:36pm 3/6/12 Changed username, previously: `AIR
3:56pm 7/12/11 Changed username, previously: AIRbrah
9:56pm 6/12/11 Changed username, previously: 'air
5:36pm 8/9/11 Changed username, previously: AIR.
3:44pm 21/7/11 Changed username, previously: AIRRR_
8:47pm 21/6/11 Changed username, previously: aiR.
Forum Overview
Username: `AIRZKE
Rep Level: 41   (60% to next level)
Posts: 275
Threads: 15
Posts/Day: 0.11
Last Post: 16/7/12
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Fun Facts
High School: Copperfield College Delahey
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Games, KB with friends


Previous Teams:
Cobra Gaming Network
Team Artificial
Immortal Soldiers
Team Renegade

~9th on Mw2 Season 2 Ladder - Auxiliary
~5th on Mw2 Season 2 Ladder - CGN
~4th on Mw2 DOM Ladder - CGN
~2nd round of Kingston Cup for Bo - Origin
~7th on Black Ops Season 1 - Auxiliary

Mouse: Razer DeathAdder v2
Mouse DPI: 1800
Mousepad: Razor Goliathus
Keyboard: Logitech Slim Keyboard
Headset: Steel Series Siberia V2

AIR: can i touch your doodle?
teamR.tevez SLUT: to small
teamR.tevez SLUT: cant find it

'AIR.LFT: can i talk about my life?
styx. VOLTZZ: sure
styx. VOLTZZ: :/
'AIR.LFT: i have no doodle AND I HAVE NO LIFE
styx. VOLTZZ: lol
'AIR.LFT: may i have your doodle?
styx. VOLTZZ: u can have half
'AIR.LFT: can i touch?
styx. VOLTZZ: u gota earn tht
'AIR.LFT: but i did
'AIR.LFT: im topping in pub
'AIR.LFT: dats craeh
styx. VOLTZZ: lol
'AIR.LFT: crazeh*
styx. VOLTZZ: ^^
'AIR.LFT: i rubbing my bum hole right now
styx. VOLTZZ: lololol
'AIR.LFT: please voltz im touching my knob just for you
styx. VOLTZZ: havnt earnt it yet
styx. VOLTZZ: next game gotta 5 down in first round
'AIR.LFT: =="
'AIR.LFT: wtf
'AIR.LFT: dats to easy
styx. VOLTZZ:

Jizzy LF SCRIM: yo
'AIR.LFT: wat
Jizzy LF SCRIM: wanna join our team?
'AIR.LFT: jew
'AIR.LFT: maybe
Jizzy LF SCRIM: okay if so sign up to cg team
'AIR.LFT: wats cg
Jizzy LF SCRIM: cybergamer
'AIR.LFT: ahh
'AIR.LFT: do i have to make an account?
Jizzy LF SCRIM: xyes
'AIR.LFT: is it fast to make an account?
Jizzy LF SCRIM: yup is this the right AIR i got
'AIR.LFT: im air
Jizzy LF SCRIM: r u trolling me with that cybergamer stuf
'AIR.LFT: my other name was wendz
'AIR.LFT: can you link me the cybergamer website
Jizzy LF SCRIM: srry must be wrong person
'AIR.LFT: sorry mate
'AIR.LFT: you just got baited
Jizzy LF SCRIM: fuk u

penzkE: ?
penzkE: your gangsta-like asianess is weird
v.airzje: i wanna fuck your ear hole
penzkE: i don't have ears idiot
v.airzje: sorry
v.airzje: didnt mean to hurt your feelings
v.airzje: i wanna fuck your nose
penzkE: thanks
v.airzje: are you black though?
penzkE: yep

v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: ay goose
v. Frosty: melon
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: chicken
v. Frosty: lion
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: tiger
v. Frosty: tree
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: flower
v. Frosty: sexual organs
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: rectum
v. Frosty: penis
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: bee
v. Frosty: polum
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: photosynthesis
v. Frosty: breadcrumbs
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: birds
v. Frosty: kite
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: gank
v. Frosty: flank
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: bank
v. Frosty: sank
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: hank
v. Frosty: purse
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: curse
v. Frosty: herse
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: nurse
v. Frosty: blood
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: crip
v. Frosty: dip
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: chips
v. Frosty: n fish
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: tamato
v. Frosty: lettuce
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: tomato*
v. Frosty: milkshake
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: chocolate
v. Frosty: vanilla
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: rainbow
v. Frosty: poo
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: piss
v. Frosty: moshpit
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: the end

v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: sad fuck
v. Frosty: gaybo
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: gay mutt
v. Frosty: lettuce
v. Frosty: I was walking down the street today
v. Frosty: then out of no where this fucking creepy as mother fucking old man tries to jump me
v. Frosty: but I slay his feeble ass with the stop sign post
v. Frosty: I slice his head off with the razer sharp sign cos I'm just wield sign posts like polearms anyday
v. Frosty: there he was just laying their bleeding out
v. Frosty: didnt even call a fucking ambo
v. Frosty: so I watch him bleed out yeah
v. Frosty: and you know he starts to do?
v. Frosty: guess
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: twitch
v. Frosty: nah he started to vigorously fap whilst dying
v. Frosty: I was like wtf is going on
v. Frosty: so I find some old nanny and threw it at him
v. Frosty: but he just started to eat her face
v. Frosty: like that naked dude in miami
v. Frosty: then I got a gun and shot 15x10 bullets at them with a near-by police officers gun
v. Frosty: he was like fuck this shit and dropped his gun
v. Frosty: so I picked it up and killed them both
v. Frosty: BUT
v. Frosty: It didnt stop their
v. Frosty: this black gang comes out of nowhere yeah and starts fucking the dead bodies so I had to kill all 20 of them
v. Frosty: but when I got closer to their vechile, I found drugs
v. Frosty: like a lot of dope
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: necrophiliac?
v. Frosty: yeah they were motha fucking necrophiliac black gangstas with a shit load of dope
v. Frosty: so I thought fuck me I've some real DOpE as black gangsta's here that fuck dead corpses
v. Frosty: so you know after while I thought mmmm I should find a place for these bodies
v. Frosty: so I just gave them to some chinese restruant who serves seagulls and pretends it chicken anyway
v. Frosty: but because I'm retard I didnt think it would turn out that half the town would eat dead old people, black dope as gangsta dead fuckers
v. Frosty: and you know what happened next?
v. airz SLUT L00SE AS: what?
v. Frosty: the whole town turned into zombies, just like in that movie
v. Frosty: this was all 5 hours ago though
v. Frosty: so I just got like 3 more kills cos I killed like 20 black gangstas and 2 feeble old people, once I got 3 more kills I just used a Tactical nuke and killed everyone besides me and blew them motha fuckoooooooooors up. THE END

c.razer penzkE: tf2?
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: watching something
c.razer penzkE: so?
c.razer penzkE: i'm doing homework
c.razer penzkE: what's your point?
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: wow
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: do you want my cock?
c.razer penzkE: obviously
c.razer penzkE: idiot

v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: did your mum
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: fucked your cat
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: ate your dog
Brocelote: Cute
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: i rooted your dad
v. airzke TAYLORGANGORDIE: and made you
Brocelote: Hahahaah

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Default Platform: PC
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CPU: [Intel]
Monitor: Sony LCD 19" [LCD]
Motherboard: Asus
Keyboard: Logitech slim keyboard
Head Phones: Steel Series Siberia v2
Mouse: [Razer] Death Adder
DPI: 1800
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1
Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy S
Mp3 Player: iPod nano