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Name: Andrew
Age/Gender: 24, Male
Location: Korea, Democratic People'S Repub
Registered: 11/8/08
Rank: ShoutCaster
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 6 hours, 54 min ago
Reffed Count: 1 (last match)
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3rd-CSGO Tuesday TournamentFractic Gaming10
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Username: eDGe`
Rep Level: 82   (52% to next level)
Posts: 5,788
Threads: 145
Posts/Day: 2.2 Very Healthy Poster
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5/2/14 I fixed CG
31/1/14 facebook gon sue u m8s
Fun Facts
High School: Cobden Tech
Favourite Alchoholic Beverage: Strongbow

Current Team: Vendetta

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Players: eDGe
Mouse: Final Mouse 2015
DPI/CPI: 800
Windows Sensitivity: Notch 6
In-game Sensitivity: 0.922
Mousepad: Zowie G-SR
Keyboard: Corsair K90 (Cherry Red)
Headset: Audio Technica ATH-AD700

BenQ 2420TE @ 144hz
SAMSUNG 2233rz @120hz
In-game Resolution: 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 [Full Screen Windowed]

PC Specs
CASE: NZXT Phantom
CPU: Intel i7 2600k - OverClocked to 4.7ghz
CPU Cooler: Tt Frio
Mobo: Asus P8P67 Pro
GPU: ASUS Strix 970
RAM: RipJaw 2x 8GB
SSD: 2x Corsair Force Series 60GB - RAID 0
HDD: 1x WD Green 1TB
PSU: A-Power Black Platnum 1000w


Battlefield 4
1st Place iM Masters Cup (AVANT)
1st Place MWave Comp (-Lg-)

CounterStrike: Global Offensive
5th Place CGPLs1 Group A Div1 (1up)
5th-8th CGAQ ODC (Vincitori)
5th Place CGPLs3 Group B Div2 (Vendetta)

Call of Duty: Black Ops
1st Place Kingston Cup (eXile5`WD)
1st Place MSI Sun Madness Quals (fray`)
2nd Place MSI Sun Madness Quals Finals (fray`)
1st Place Undefeated CGo Season 1 [21-0] (fray`)

4th Place iM intel FFA (fray`)

Call of Duty 4
3rd Place CG-Samsung SSD ODC (GTEX)
5th Place CG-Professional Season 7 (MEKA,Tt)
5th Place CG-Invite Season 5 (Think+)
3rd Place CG-Main Season 5 (Parallel)
5th Place CG-Invite Season 4 (Zenith)
1st Place State of Origin (VIC)
2nd Place CG-main Season 4 (xqR.QPAD)
1st Place Vanity ODC (qontrol)
Top 8 Alienware Online Qualifier (Legacy.razer)
1st Place CG-open (resistaNce)

1st Place Respawn v15 (Team7)
1st Place Respawn v16 (Legacy.razer)
4th Place Alienware Aus Clan (Legacy.razer)
1st Place Eithersnap (Xin)
3rd Place MCLAN MLE (LD)
1st Place Respawn v17 (p1gz)
1st Place GGF LAN (xqR.QPAD)
1st Place Frag Sessions (Parallel)
3rd Place RCG/WCG Sydney (fray`)
1st Place RCG/WCG Melbourne (erotic)
1st Place NVidia LAN Quals Sydney (MEKA.Tt)
3rd Place NVidia LAN Finals Sydeny (MEKA.Tt)
3rd Place CGPL-P LAN Finals Melbourne (CDG)

Call of Duty 2
4th Place CG-invite Season 5 (NSP)
1st Place CG-open (FragX)

Call of Duty: World at War
3rd Place CG-invite Season 1 (teamRenegade)
1st Place CG-openCTF Season 1 (teamRenegade)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
1st Place CG-open (Pressure)
4th Place MLE 2v2 CTF (KBS.zowie)

Team fortress 2
1st Place MORB 6v6 (Team7)

File Uploads
Hits File Name
3,324 eDGe BlackOps Config 20-3-2011
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Date Achievement
7/2/10 In an active team
8/2/10 Top 10 CGo Team!
8/2/10 Top 5 CGo Team
8/2/10 Konami Master!
8/2/10 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
8/2/10 1337 Thread Viewer
9/2/10 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
15/2/10 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
22/2/10 First placed CGo Team!
25/2/10 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
5/4/10 Competed in an invite standard competition
13/4/10 5 matches won
24/4/10 20 matches won
11/6/10 Competed in CGi
22/6/10 Addicted
21/7/10 1,000 forum posts!
3/8/10 Voted in 25 Polls
3/8/10 Exalted User
3/8/10 Tipped 100 matches
3/8/10 Tipped 55% correct after 100 tips
20/8/10 Profile viewed by 100 different users
25/8/10 Regular User
7/9/10 Viewed 100 Profiles
10/10/10 Totally Addicted
1/11/10 Profile viewed 1,000 times
17/11/10 Rambler
7/1/11 Totally Addicted to the absolute MAX
13/2/11 Upgraded to a CG Premium Account!
13/2/11 Has purchased 6 months of CG Premium!
19/2/11 Excellent Forum Poster
19/2/11 Completed Profile!
7/5/11 Tipped 70% correct after 100 tips
28/7/11 Profile viewed by 1000 different users
8/8/11 Excellent Forum Poster PRO
8/8/11 Stage Fright
8/8/11 Restraining Order
8/9/11 Tipped 55% correct after 250 tips
8/9/11 Tipped 70% correct after 250 tips
8/11/11 Voted in 100 Polls
10/11/11 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
12/7/12 Profile viewed 10,000 times
7/10/12 Viewed 1000 Profiles, final version
1/9/13 Mobile Viewer!
25/10/13 Great marketing, boring content
24/8/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
9/10/14 I don't like change
9/10/14 I don't like change MAX
21/3/15 Played in 25 CG matches.
22/7/15 Received a trophy.
Experience History
Date Event XP
21/8/15Played Match - REAL MINT vs Imaginary25
13/8/15Played Match - Imaginary vs Funky Monkeys25
21/7/15Placed Tournament40
31/3/15Played Match - __int64 ranch; vs 5STARS50
19/3/15Played Match - 5STARS vs Frenetic Array25
13/3/15Played Match - 5STARS vs Rktm50
11/3/15Played Match - 5STARS vs iNation25
27/2/15Played Match - SYF GAMING vs 5STARS25
25/2/15Played Match - Trident vs 5STARS25
12/2/15Played Match - Unknown Individuals vs 5STARS50
User Roles/Permissions
Unknown Event Admin
Forum moderator: -
PC: Black Ops CTF Caster
PC: Black Ops Caster
Game Defaults
Default Game: Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Default Platform: PC
Organisations Owner
Tournament Teams
Fractic GamingCSGO Tuesday Tournament
Completed and Archived
Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
VendettaCSGO Monday Free Tournament
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
AU PC Teams
pc css CSS Tt.BEARZ Captain
Game IDs
STEAM ID: STEAM_1:1:17744146
Full Steam Profile: eDGe (verified)
Full Steam ID76561197995754021
Call of Duty 2 GUID: 377f88d7
Call of Duty 4 GUID: dc3114d4
Call of Duty: World at War GUID: 1814b21f
Black Ops GUID: 35488293
STEAM ID (manually entered): STEAM_0:1:17744146
Full Steam Profile: eDGe (verified)
Full Steam ID76561197995754021
Click Here to view previous Game IDs
PUG Info
Total PUGs: 40
Gamertag: TINYeDGe -
Additional IDs
Black Ops GUID:
HON Username: eDGeZORRRR
Counter-Strike Source
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 4
Black Ops
XBOX360 Gamertag Status
Avatar Details
Name / Type: TINYeDGe / Gold
Location: -
GamerScore: 190
Scanned Last: 7:34pm 27/11/12
Icon Title GamerScore Achievements
Grand Theft Auto V 95 14%
COD: Black Ops II 10 1%
Halo 4 5 1%
DiRT Showdown 30 6%
NFS ProStreet 30 6%
Sleeping Dogsâ„¢ 0 0%
Sleeping Dogs™ 0 0%
PC Rig Information
CPU: [Intel] i7 2600K
Sound Card: -
RAM: 2GB Corsair Dominator GT @ 2000ghz
Monitor: BenQ 144hz [LCD]
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 PRO
Power Supply: aPower Platnum Black 1200w
Case: NZXT Phantom - White
Hard Disk Drive(s): 2x Corsair Force Series 60GB
Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Ultimate
Head Phones: Audio Technica ATH-AD700
Speakers: Logitech
Mouse: [Other] FK
DPI: 1800
Mousepad: QcK+
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 6
In Game Sensitivity: 0.44
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
In Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Mobile Phone: Samsung GS2
Camera: Kodak
Vehicle: Ford AUII Fairmont 2000
Mp3 Player: Ipod
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