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~ VOTED MVP ausET!!!!!!
~ getting a forum ban for calling kenji a turd!
~ 2nd place SYFCUP(Feb)
~ season7 cod4 cgi

Mors's list of hackers:
1.Zues 2.cakesy 3.clowsoilder 4.Toxin 5.speccy 6.aCCess 7.Heartz 8.rez 9.thouard 10.deviant 11.rickos 12.moonunit 13.LessQQ 14.Kazzae 15.stemz 16.t0ke (jmc) 17.sammy

Well it's all about balances. You need to have the right refresh rate with the right com_maxfps and the correct hertz to hunkmegs. Once you find the "sweet spot" it enables your game to register your bullets better. Sometimes people have to sacrifice visual effects to achieve this "Sweet spot"(i.e dropping resolution down to 800x600 OR maxing FPS to 125) although with my CFG I believe that I have achieved a balanced between very visual and also high rego - which is rare. If you want more advice you can post it in my thread that I created.

Will help anytime


[08:21] spreikLOL: don't under estimate minesweeper
[08:22] spreikLOL: improves brain rate
[08:22] spreikLOL: makes you think fast
[08:25] <This user stopped playing Minesweeper>
[08:25] spreikLOL: beat expert in under 170 seconds

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