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General Information
Name: Kane Harrison
Age/Gender: 19, Male
Location: Germany, Vic
Registered: 8/9/11
Rank: Member
Premium Tag:
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 2 hours, 11 min ago
Recent Activity
8:08pm 28/4/17 Joined Lmao Jetpacks, a PS4: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare team, rank of Captain.
5:36pm 22/3/17 Joined Young Innocent Girl, a PS4: COD4 Remastered 2v2 S&D Ladder team, rank of Captain.
7:26pm 13/1/17 Changed main PSN ID, previously: ximboslice
5:55pm 5/12/16 Joined Young Innocent Girl, a PS4: COD Modern Warfare Remastered 5v5 team, rank of Captain.
7:38pm 26/11/16 Changed main PSN ID, previously: GirlGetsCreampie
8:44pm 18/11/16 Changed main PSN ID, previously: Gregophene
9:11pm 10/11/16 Changed main PSN ID, previously: FistedOnCamera
8:46pm 3/10/16 Changed main PSN ID, previously: FKMYCKSWAKCNT
7:13pm 7/7/16 Changed main PSN ID, previously: Swakodactyl
Forum Overview
Username: Swak
Rep Level: 84   (96% to next level)
Posts: 3,758
Threads: 1,361
Posts/Day: 1.8 Healthy Poster
Last Post: 17h 30m ago
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Fun Facts

[Swaak] [Swak] [DKN] [Swck] [xpuulsez] [Wztn] [Flog]

[SWAAK_] [Swaak] [FistedonCamera] [GirlGetsCreampie] [Ximboslice] [KeyboardKane]


Modern Warfare 3

Black ops 2

Season 2/3 ~ Match Banned

Playstation 4

Advanced Warfare

Black ops 3

Modern Warfare 1 Remastered

Personal Achievements

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Date Achievement
1/4/17 XP Leaderboard - 2nd
23/3/17 Played in 250 CG matches.
31/1/17 Competed in CGi
12/1/17 Win 30 tournaments.
26/12/16 Place in 100 tournaments.
13/12/16 Played in 100 CG matches.
1/12/16 XP Leaderboard - Top 10
29/11/16 Place in 90 tournaments.
12/10/16 Win 500 PUGs.
12/10/16 Win 100 PUGs.
12/10/16 Win 50 PUGs.
14/8/16 Place in 80 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 70 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 60 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 50 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 40 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 30 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 20 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 10 tournaments.
14/8/16 Place in 5 tournaments.
14/8/16 Win 15 tournaments.
14/8/16 Win 12 tournaments.
14/8/16 Win 9 tournaments.
14/8/16 Win 6 tournaments.
14/8/16 Win 3 tournaments.
16/5/16 Friends with 250 other members.
12/3/16 Received 100 trophies, final version.
17/1/16 Received 50 trophies.
27/12/15 Played in 50 CG matches.
2/12/15 Received 25 trophies.
10/11/15 Played in 25 CG matches.
23/9/15 Received 10 trophies.
4/4/15 Excellent Forum Poster PRO
22/3/15 Has purchased 2 years of CG Premium!
22/3/15 Has purchased 18 months of CG Premium!
16/3/15 10 users have posted on my wall.
30/1/15 Played in 10 CG matches.
13/8/14 Received a trophy.
22/5/14 Exalted User
7/2/14 Has purchased 12 months of CG Premium!
3/11/13 Has purchased 6 months of CG Premium!
31/10/13 Voted in 100 Polls
2/10/13 Lurker Extraordinaire
1/4/13 Profile viewed 10,000 times
27/3/13 Tipped 55% correct after 100 tips
27/3/13 Tipped 100 matches
18/3/13 Profile viewed by 1000 different users
12/3/13 Rambler
7/3/13 1,000 forum posts!
7/3/13 Competed in an invite standard competition
4/2/13 Viewed 1000 Profiles, final version
8/11/12 1337 Poster
9/10/12 Friends with 100 other members.
5/9/12 Voted in 25 Polls
29/8/12 Upgraded to a CG Premium Account!
28/8/12 Totally Addicted to the absolute MAX
24/8/12 Konami Master!
6/8/12 20 matches won
12/7/12 First placed CGo Team!
21/6/12 Profile viewed 1,000 times
19/6/12 Regular User
11/6/12 Added 100 buddies!
6/6/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
28/5/12 Totally Addicted
25/5/12 1337 Thread Viewer
23/5/12 Profile viewed by 100 different users
22/5/12 Restraining Order
20/5/12 Viewed 100 Profiles
30/3/12 Addicted
22/3/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
9/3/12 Completed Profile!
8/3/12 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
18/2/12 Top 5 CGo Team
18/2/12 Top 10 CGo Team!
16/2/12 Excellent Forum Poster
10/2/12 5 matches won
10/2/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
22/1/12 In an active team
19/12/11 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
19/12/11 Mobile Viewer!
Experience History
Date Event XP
28/4/17Won Tournament105
28/4/17Played Match - MWR PROS xD vs Nightmare40
26/4/17Placed Tournament200
26/4/17Played Match - Kanes back boizzzz vs tek920
26/4/17Played Match - Kanes back boizzzz vs Suit Down Stand Up40
25/4/17Placed Tournament170
25/4/17Played Match - Kanes back boizzzz vs Pimp Squad20
25/4/17Played Match - Kanes back boizzzz vs pick ups..40
9/4/17Played Match - Young Innocent Girl vs Downfall20
3/4/17Played Match - Adrenaline Gaming vs Young Innocent Girl40
View All Trophies (234)
28/4/17 Won a free CG tournament
26/4/17 Runner up in a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD: Kanes back boizzzz
25/4/17 Third place in a free tournament with 100 players
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120: Kanes back boizzzz
25/4/17 Placed 2nd-4th in free CG Tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120: Kanes back boizzzz
25/4/17 Highest commented public forum thread (24h)
1/4/17 XP Monthly Leaderboard - 2nd
1/4/17 XP Monthly Leaderboard - Top 10
25/3/17 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD : Smilemore Cx
24/3/17 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD: Young Innocent Girl
23/3/17 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD: Smilemore Cx
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User Roles/Permissions
Forum moderator: [AU] Overload Organisation - Overload's Organisation Public F...
Game Overview
Default Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
Default Platform: PS4
CG Premium monthly final entry tickets: 2
AU PS4 Teams
ps4 cod4rm COD4RM Young Innocent Girl Captain
ps4 cod4rm2v2 COD4RM2V2 Young Innocent Girl Captain
ps4 codiw4 CODIW4 Lmao Jetpacks Captain
View Inactive Teams (7)
Tournament Teams
7:00pm 30/4/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Signups open
7:00pm 28/4/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Completed 10:05pm 28/4/17
Kanes back boizzzz
7:03pm 26/4/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Kanes back boizzzz
7:00pm 25/4/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120
Smilemore Cx
7:00pm 25/3/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
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Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
gone weird
7:00pm 23/4/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Lmao Pressure in 2017
7:00pm 25/3/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Unlucky Lord Sizzy Snakin
7:00pm 20/3/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Season 2 Intel
7:00pm 14/3/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120
Season 2 Intel
7:00pm 8/3/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Recent PUGs
Backlot - Monday 4:15pm February 6th 2017
Pipeline - Wednesday 1:32am January 11th 2017
Crash - Monday 3:07pm December 19th 2016
Strike - Sunday 4:25pm December 18th 2016
Crash - Friday 10:48am December 16th 2016
Crash - Tuesday 1:42pm December 13th 2016
Backlot - Saturday 10:40am December 10th 2016
Crash - Friday 12:32pm December 9th 2016
Backlot - Friday 11:41am December 9th 2016
Crash - Tuesday 4:18am December 6th 2016
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Game IDs
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:85591461
Full Steam Profile: Cumming in Maccas Thickshake (verified)
Full Steam ID76561198131448651
(manually entered):
(manually entered):
STEAM_0:1:85591461 (verified)
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Player Points
AU: PS4 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare18251
PUG Info
Total PUGs: 1244
Gamertag: Flog -
Gamertag 2: Swak
Gamertag 3: DKN
Is an XBOX/PS approved host
PlayStation IDs
PSN ID: Swaaak -
PSN ID 2: CourteousCamZa -
PSN ID 3: KeyboardKane -
Recent Matches
PC Rig Information
CPU: [Intel]
Monitor: Benq 24" [LCD]
Hard Disk Drive(s): 2tb
Keyboard: Steelseries Apex
Head Phones: Astro a40s x3 / Siberia V3
Speakers: Microlab 2.1
Mouse: [Razer] Deathadder
Mousepad: Razor Mousepad extended speed
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 5
In Game Sensitivity: 5
Laptop: Toshiba
Mobile Phone: Samsung s7
Camera: Phone
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Triton
Stereo: 2.1 Speakers
Stereo #2: Surround sound
TV: 52 inch Samsung plasma
TV #2: 27'' Benq
Mp3 Player: Samsung S4
DVD Player: Xbox One
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