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General Information
Name: Jai
Age/Gender: 18, Male
Location: Australia, New South Wales
Registered: 24/6/11
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 12/10/16
Tournament Achievements
1st$250.00CoD:BO3 Monthly Final22
1st$132.50CoD:BO3 - 4v4 The Big One [DE]11
2nd$125.00CoD:BO3 Monthly Final16
Recent Activity
10:06pm 13/2/16 Joined Citadel Gaming, a PS4: BO3 4v4 Objective team, rank of Member.
8:39pm 7/3/15 Joined Integral.Nation, a XBOXONE: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 4v4 Championship Series team, rank of Lieutenant.
6:58pm 24/2/15 Changed main gamertag, previously: Nv Beastnn
11:36am 15/2/15 Joined The Factors, a XBOXONE: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 4v4 team, rank of Lieutenant.
4:32pm 7/12/14 Changed main gamertag, previously: Beastt xXx
4:32pm 7/12/14 Changed main gamertag, previously: dynamiq
4:32pm 7/12/14 Changed main gamertag, previously: Nv Beastn
4:08pm 28/6/14 Joined Plantronics.Nv, a XBOXONE: ASTRO Ghosts 4v4 Circuit team, rank of Member.
9:12pm 20/6/14 Changed main gamertag, previously: Beastnnnn
Forum Overview
Username: 'Beast
Rep Level: 72   (66% to next level)
Posts: 2,817
Threads: 484
Posts/Day: 1.4 Healthy Poster
Last Post: 1/3/15
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Fun Facts
High School: Waverely College
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Date Achievement
6/4/15 Played in 10 CG matches.
22/2/15 Competed in CGi
28/6/14 I don't like change MAX
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Experience History
Date Event XP
15/5/16Placed Tournament113
5/5/16Played Match - Grudge Gaming vs Citadel Gaming40
26/4/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs OracleESC40
18/4/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs Grudge Gaming80
4/4/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs Incept80
31/3/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs OracleESC40
31/3/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs F7.MFP40
14/3/16Won Tournament175
10/3/16Won Tournament315
8/3/16Played Match - Overdose vs Citadel Gaming80
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User Roles/Permissions
Forum moderator: [AU] AoN e-Sports - The Babes's Organisation Public...
Game Overview
Default Game: America's Army
Default Platform: XBOXONE
Reffed Count: 8 (last match)
AoN e-Sports Team Member
Tournament Teams
Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
Recent PUGs
Seatown - 10:13am 13/12/11
Cracked - 7:18pm 11/10/11
Bootleg - 10:35am 10/4/12
Villa - 8:40pm 22/9/11
Arkaden - 9:40am 10/4/12
Grid - 9:48pm 29/9/11
Lockdown - 6:19pm 24/7/12
Grid - 10:44am 3/10/11
Grid - 12:32pm 24/9/11
Terminal (Snipers Allowed) - 7:32pm 21/7/12
Lockdown - 5:43pm 20/4/12
Lockdown - 8:58am 10/4/12
Lockdown - 12:14am 17/3/12
Grid - 4:39pm 3/9/11
Grid - 7:53pm 2/8/11
Carbon (Snipers Allowed) - 2:32pm 9/7/12
Grid - 4:31pm 3/8/11
Arkaden - 1:49pm 5/4/12
Grid - 6:13pm 22/9/11
Carbon - 10:56pm 6/7/12
AU XBOX360 Teams
xbox360 codblackops1v1 Black Ops 1v1 Beast x Captain
xbox360 codblackopstdm Black Ops TDM AoN e-Sports Captain
xbox360 codblackopsturbo Black Ops Turbo XP 4v4 AoN e-Sports Captain
xbox360 codblackops4v4 Black Ops 4v4 AoN e-Sports Captain
xbox360 mw34v4 MW3 4v4 Team noChance Member
xbox360 mw3txpladder MW3TXPLADDER Team noChance Member
xbox360 mw3doubles MW3 Doubles Bundo loves paddle pops <3 Captain
xbox360 mw3ffa MW3 1v1 NoChance:dynamiq Captain
xbox360 mw3sndodc MW3 S&D ODC Zodiac Captain
xbox360 trialsevo TRIALSEVO 'Beast Captain
xbox360 cod4 Call of Duty Carrion Member
xbox360 nba2k12 NBA 2K12 Beast Captain
xbox360 mw3elo MW3 4v4 Elo Team Quantum Member
xbox360 mw34v4odc MW3 4v4 ODC Team Quantum Member
xbox360 codblackopsodc BO S&D ODC Deano's a fgt Member
xbox360 codbop24v4c Black Ops 2 Team NOCHANCE Captain
xbox360 codbops24v4 Black Ops 2 4v4 Seraphic Nexus Captain
xbox360 proamodc PROAMODC 'Beast Captain
xbox360 codbops21 Black Ops 2 4v4 ODC ZeroG.CP Member
xbox360 codbops22 Black Ops 2 4v4 FTP ODC ZeroG.CP Member
xbox360 codbops2 Black Ops 2 Team Storm Captain
xboxone codghosts4v4odc Ghosts 4v4 ODC Pretty boy swag Member
xboxone nba2k14 NBA 2K14 2ezplz Captain
xboxone codghosts3v3odc Ghosts 3v3 ODC beastn and matse Captain
xboxone codghosts4v4snd CODGHOSTS4V4SND Plantronics.Nv Member
xboxone codghosts4v4c CODGHOSTS4V4C Plantronics.Nv Member
xboxone codaw4v4 CODAW4V4 The Factors Lieutenant
xboxone codaw4v4champs CODAW4V4CHAMPS Integral.Nation Lieutenant
AU PS4 Teams
ps4 bo34v4 BO3 4v4 Objective Citadel Gaming Member
Tournament Teams
Player Points
AU: XBOXONE - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare113701
PUG Info
Total PUGs: 309
Gamertag: x5 BeastnNVIDIA -
Gamertag 2: Nv Beastn
Gamertag 3: dynamiq
Is an XBOX/PS approved host
PlayStation IDs
PSN ID: BeastnJB -
XBOX360 Gamertag Status
Avatar Details
Name / Type: dynamiq / Gold
Location: -
GamerScore: 1,610
Scanned Last: 4:48pm 19/4/12
Icon Title GamerScore Achievements
COD: Black Ops II 10 2%
Modern Warfare® 3 275 26%
Halo 4 405 49%
SplinterCellConviction 210 20%
Minecraft 205 70%
Halo: Reach 110 10%
NBA 2K12 85 8%
Call of Duty: WaW 10 2%
Happy Wars 10 5%
Trials Evolution 50 14%
Call of Duty Black Ops 0 0%
DB: Raging Blast 20 4%
Recent Ladder Matches
PC Rig Information
Sound Card: HDPVR
Monitor: LED [Other]
Case: a40 headset case
Keyboard: Razer
Head Phones: Astro a40
Speakers: Beats Studios
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1
Laptop: Macbook Air
Mobile Phone: IPhone 5
Camera: Iphone camera
Vehicle: Porche
Stereo #2:
TV: Samasung LED "27 Monitor
Mp3 Player: Iphone 5
Mp3 Player #2: IPod Nano
DVD Player: LG :)