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General Information
Name: Jake
Age/Gender: 20, Male
Location: Australia, Queensland
Registered: 21/12/08
Rank: XBOXONE Platform Admin
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 16/10/16
Tournament Achievements
Recent Activity
5:58pm 25/5/16 Joined Skyfire, a XBOXONE: Smite team, rank of Lieutenant.
9:19pm 8/1/16 Joined vizzN, a XBOXONE: XBONE: FIFA 16 - Head-to-Head Ladder team, rank of Captain.
9:51pm 29/11/15 Joined vizzN & friend, a XBOXONE: Black Ops 3 2v2 team, rank of Captain.
8:07pm 18/11/15 Joined TITAN, a XBOXONE: BO3 4v4 Objective team, rank of Captain.
12:38pm 13/10/15 Joined vizzN, a XBOXONE: smite team, rank of Captain.
7:59pm 5/12/12 Joined Randy rands., a XBOX360: Black Ops 2 Doubles team, rank of Member.
7:59pm 5/12/12 Joined Ascent E-Sports, a XBOX360: Black Ops 2 4v4 team, rank of Member.
1:11am 27/11/12 Joined Mercedes AMG Petronas: vizzN, a XBOX360: F1 2012 team, rank of Captain.
9:50pm 3/5/12 Changed username, previously: vizzzN
Forum Overview
Username: vizzN
Rep Level: 74   (40% to next level)
Posts: 9,356
Threads: 476
Posts/Day: 3.3 Very Healthy Poster
Last Post: 23/7/16
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Fun Facts
Occupation: Student
Facebook: N/A
Website URL:
Twitch TV URL:
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Date Achievement
9/10/16 Win 100 PUGs.
9/10/16 Win 50 PUGs.
24/8/16 Place in 5 tournaments.
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Experience History
Date Event XP
25/10/16Played Match - Rush vs Skyfire40
17/10/16Played Match - Skyfire vs Basement Dwellers80
10/10/16Played Match - Incept vs Skyfire80
3/10/16Played Match - Basement Dwellers vs Skyfire80
26/9/16Played Match - Most Wanted vs Skyfire40
9/9/16Played Match - The Tendencies vs Church Of Memeology70
6/9/16Played Match - Most Wanted vs Skyfire40
31/8/16Played Match - Skyfire vs Incept120
17/8/16Played Match - Most Wanted vs Skyfire40
8/8/16Played Match - Citadel Gaming vs Skyfire40
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User Roles/Permissions
AU PC Smite Admin (includes 15 Permissions)
AU XBOX Smite Admin (includes 17 Permissions)
AU XBOX GoW Admin (includes 21 Permissions)
AU XBOXONE Platform Support Admin
XBOX360 Platform Admin
XBOX360 Platform Moderator
XBOXONE Platform Admin
XBOXONE Platform Moderator
Forum moderator: [AU] Fury Organisation - Fury's Organisation Public Forum
Forum moderator: [AU] veritas Organisation - veritas 's Organisation Public F...
Game Overview
Default Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Default Platform: XBOXONE
Reffed Count: 136 (last match)
veritas Organisation Team Member
Fury Organisation Team Member
Ascent E-Sports Team Member
Tournament Teams
Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
Recent PUGs
Grid - 3:43pm 16/7/11
Grid - 6:52pm 20/10/11
Arkaden - 2:55pm 5/4/12
Seatown - 10:37pm 28/1/12
Crossfire - 3:18pm 23/6/11
Cracked - 5:31pm 20/6/11
Villa - 4:30pm 20/12/10
MLG Sanctuary 1.1 - 11:55pm 28/5/11
Cracked - 7:23pm 25/9/11
Wizlock - 10:23pm 28/5/11
Grid - 6:17pm 25/9/11
Cracked - 4:55pm 28/3/11
Bootleg (Snipers Allowed) - 4:28pm 16/4/12
Summit - 1:53pm 23/6/11
MLG Reflection - 10:22pm 28/5/11
Invasion - 1:43pm 10/7/10
Lockdown (Snipers Allowed) - 9:04pm 13/6/12
MLG Sanctuary 1.1 - 10:20pm 28/5/11
Arkaden - 6:05pm 30/6/12
Arkaden - 2:59pm 14/1/12
AU XBOX360 Teams
xbox360 mw3ffa MW3 1v1 Fury Captain
xbox360 wolfenstein wolfenstein veritas Captain
xbox360 forza4 Forza 4 vizzN Motorsport Captain
xbox360 f12012 F1 2012 Mercedes AMG Petronas: vizzN Captain
xbox360 codbops2doubles Black Ops 2 Doubles Randy rands. Member
xbox360 codbops24v4 Black Ops 2 4v4 Ascent E-Sports Member
AU PC Teams
pc sc2 StarCraft 2 vizzN.376 Captain
pc sc2team StarCraft 2 Team we like zerglings Captain
xboxone smite1v1 smite vizzN Captain
xboxone bo34v4 BO34V4 TITAN Captain
xboxone bo32v2 BO32V2 vizzN & friend Captain
xboxone fifa16 FIFA16 vizzN Captain
xboxone smite Smite Skyfire Lieutenant
Game IDs
Smite IGN: vizzN
Click Here to view previous Game IDs
PUG Info
Total PUGs: 373
Gamertag: vizzN -
Is an XBOX/PS approved host
PlayStation IDs
PSN ID: vizzN -
Additional IDs
SC2 Name.Identifier: SEA: vizzN.376
XBOX360 Gamertag Status
Avatar Details
Name / Type: vizzN / Silver/free
Location: Australia
GamerScore: 12,130
Scanned Last: 8:23pm 21/3/12
XBOX360 Bio:vizzN 'be' jizzN
CG Xbox CoD Admin
CG Xbox Head YouTube Admin
CG Xbox Referee/PUG Admin
Gamestah Head Console Caster
Icon Title GamerScore Achievements
F1® 2013 135 20%
Grand Theft Auto V 90 12%
F1 2012 555 59%
GTA IV 90 11%
FIFA 13 160 19%
Army of TWO™: TDC 360 43%
Minecraft 215 70%
Max Payne 3 30 3%
Avatar: TLA: TBE 1000 100%
COD: Black Ops II 415 33%
TC's RainbowSix Vegas2 75 11%
Batman: Arkham City™ 160 17%
Upcoming Ladder Matches
Challenger Defender Date
xboxone smite Tilt Skyfire Time TBA
Recent Ladder Matches
PC Rig Information
CPU: [Other]
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1
PC Image #1: