General Information
Name: Lennox
Age/Gender: 21, Male
Location: New Zealand, Auckland
Registered: 25/10/10
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 3/1/11
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Username: xDiViNe-X
Rep Level: 43   (91% to next level)
Posts: 70
Threads: 6
Posts/Day: 0.04
Last Post: 26/11/10
Fun Facts
High School: Lynfield
Hobbies: Rugby league tag touch ps3
Favourite Food: mc donalds wendys
Favourite Drink: coke
Favourite Alchoholic Beverage: anything im tank
Favourite Actor: megan fox
Favourite Band / Group: n/a
Favourite TV Show: NRL 40/20

Lewis Henry Loheni My brother

God bless and always praying and think of you x0

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29/10/10 Completed Profile!
29/10/10 In an active team
23/11/10 Upgraded to a CG Premium Account!
24/11/10 Excellent Forum Poster
25/11/10 Fast Private Message reply!
15/12/11 I don't like change
15/12/11 I don't like change MAX
17/5/14 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
Game Defaults
Default Game: Black Ops
Default Platform: PS3
User Changes
8:45pm 29/10/10 Joined GroVyLe-, a PS3: Rugby League Live team, rank of Captain.
1:45pm 26/10/10 Joined kiiLLZ 4 ThRiLLZ, a PS3: Modern Warfare 2 team, rank of Member.
AU PS3 Teams
ps3 codmw2 Modern Warfare 2 kiiLLZ 4 ThRiLLZ Member
ps3 rugbyleaguelive Rugby League Live GroVyLe- Captain
Gamertag: DeadLY_ProdiiGY -
PlayStation IDs
PSN ID: GroVyLe- -
PSN ID 2: xDiViNe-X -
PSN ID 3: Vaccainaate -
Team Changes
Time Game Team Rank Done By
26/11/10:PS3: Black Ops: S&DVicious /<illerzLeft Team-
21/11/10:PS3: Black Ops: S&DVicious /<illerzCaptainxDiViNe-X
21/11/10:PS3: Black Ops: S&DVicious /<illerzLeft Team-
7/11/10:PS3: Black Ops: S&DVicious /<illerzMember-
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PC Rig Information
Sound Card: wtf
RAM: wtfMB wtf
Monitor: 32 [LCD]
Motherboard: wtf
Power Supply: N/A
Case: n/a
Hard Disk Drive(s): wtf
Keyboard: Wireless Logetech
Head Phones: Ipod 3rd Generation
Speakers: Lg 29inch AMP
Mousepad: Simpsons FTW
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1
Laptop: Apple mac
Mobile Phone: 0210748408
Camera: lg phone
Vehicle: alteza 2004
Stereo: 29inch AMP with Sony Speakers
TV: 42 inch Sony PLASMA
TV #2: 25 inch Lg LCD
Mp3 Player: 32g ipod touch
DVD Player: ps3 blue ray
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