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9:43pm 27/11/14
Requiemz x (Genocide - not competing)

Hey guys I'm currently looking for a team for this, getting better by each day, with a lot to improve so him me up and we'll get started ASAP, thanks.

7:04am 29/7/14
US dead_man_walking (No Real Danger - not competing)

next comp starting?

1:25pm 15/5/14
WoodyRoundUp (Admin)

if you are not doing that well in the game, don't be discouraged. All you need to do is to get into top 8 spot before the close of ladder to go into Final.

9:55pm 9/5/14
WoodyRoundUp (Admin)

If you are from AU / NZ, you should join this team too.
For amateurs only. No pro is allowed.
MOL World of Tanks ANZ Open Ladder

MOL World of Tanks ANZ Open Ladder

1:21pm 4/5/14
shankman (Australian first Tank Ba... - not competing)

ok got a team , still one short , can i still compete and how do i challange someone

4:24pm 24/4/14
JP LXG_Bryvez (LXG - not competing)

how you will know if your team is on line up?

11:51am 2/4/14
WoodyRoundUp (Admin)

Live Live Live!

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6:39pm 14/3/14
US dead_man_walking (No Real Danger - not competing)

20 minutes to go - who will be first?

12:13am 12/3/14
JP Mafty_Navilles_Erin (Charlotte Tiger(ex-TeamP... - not competing)

hi, guys. when will this tournament league start?

_freshmeat_ (Admin)

the league is due to start on friday the 14/3/14 at 7pm aest but team registrations can continue through out the early part of the league

10:18am 10/3/14
_freshmeat_ (Admin)

lets hope more teams sign up

11:58pm 9/3/14
Nassai (Drop Bears - not competing)

Thanks for organising this guys, it is great to see a ladder organised for WoT.

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