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Smite Oceanic Pro League
Smite Oceanic Pro League
SMITE Oceanic Pro League/Challenger's Cup (LIVE)

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SMITE Oceania Pro League

Team on the left will be the "challenger" and team on the right the "defender". Challenger gets choice of 1st/2nd pick.

All matches will be broadcast on
6pm AEDT, or 5pm AEDT on Super Weeks (Week 1 and 4)

Week 1 - Super Week
Saturday 18th Feb 5pm
Dire Wolves v Team Noxide
Dark Sided v Kanga eSports
Avant Garde v Legacy eSports

Sunday 19th Feb 6pm
Kanga eSports v Legacy eSports
Team Noxide v Avant Garde

Week 2
Saturday 25th Feb 6pm
Legacy eSports v Dark Sided
Dire Wolves v Avant Garde

Sunday 26th Feb 6pm
Dark Sided v Team Noxide
Kanga eSports v Dire Wolves

Week 3
Saturday 4th March 6pm
Dark Sided v Dire Wolves
Kanga eSports v Avant Garde

Sunday 5th March 6pm
Legacy eSports v Team Noxide
Dire Wolves v Kanga eSports

Week 4 - Super Week
Saturday 11th March 5pm
Legacy eSports v Dire Wolves
Avant Garde v Dark Sided
Team Noxide v Kanga eSports

Sunday 12th March 6pm
Kanga eSports v Dark Sided
Avant Garde v Team Noxide

Week 5
Saturday 18th March 6pm
Dark Sided v Legacy eSports
Team Noxide v Dire Wolves

Sunday 19th March 6pm
Avant Garde v Kanga eSports
Dire Wolves v Legacy eSports

Week 6
Saturday 25th March 6pm
Kanga eSports v Team Noxide
Avant Garde v Legacy eSports

Sunday 26th March 6pm
Avant Garde v Dire Wolves
Team Noxide v Dark Sided

Week 7
Saturday April 1st 6pm
Dark Sided v Avant Garde
Kanga eSports v Legacy eSports

Sunday April 2nd 6pm
Team Noxide v Legacy eSports
Dire Wolves v Dark Sided

All OPL matches will be streamed on at 6:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday evenings, Super Weeks (1 and 4) at 5pm.[/center]

SMITE Oceania Challenger's Cup League

Week 1
Beginning 27th February
Atoll v Victorious Secrets
Ping270 v Quantum
Equinox v KappaRoss

Week 2
Beginning 6th March
Quantum v Atoll
KappaRoss v Victorious Secrets
Equinox v Ping270

Week 3
Beginning 13th March
Atoll v KappaRoss
Quantum v Equinox
Victorious Secrets v Ping270

Week 4
Beginning 20th March
Equinox v Atoll
Ping270 v PingTwoSeventy Max Power
Graves v Victorious Secrets

Week 5
Beginning 27th March
Atoll v Ping270
Equinox v Victorious Secrets
PingTwoSeventy Max Power v Graves