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PC CGPL Season 3 Championships 38
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Smith Main Team 17h 43m ago
DeusVenice Any Team 3/7/15
Slayer35 Any Team 1/7/15
IcePwrd Open Team 1/7/15
freshpineapple Main Team 30/6/15
Topspy Any Team 29/6/15
cRims6 Main Team 27/6/15
z x LAN Team 26/6/15
Cjbustuup Any Team 26/6/15
Shwips Main Team 22/6/15
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10:10pm 26/6/15
9am (Oxygen eS - - 24th)

Looking for a scrim. Add me on steam and I'll chuck ya the server details.

2:15pm 25/6/15
djbass (Luck Not Skill - - 205th)

Any competitions coming up soon that anyone knows of? Also new team on the Block his us up if you want a match.

8:33pm 14/6/15
NeverForget (True Blue - - 36th)

They Need to Add OverPass and Cobblestone to map selection, as they are very important and strategy dependant maps and are enjoyable to play.

10:07pm 1/6/15
Katy_Perrys_Mum (Execute Gaming - not competing)

Hey guys, looking for a team, I'm MG2, play every night for a few hours and pretty much all weekends.. Live in Perth so 2 hours behind most of you guys. Add me on Steam or message me here, cheers. Doesn't bother me what rank the team is or how good you all are, just want some consistent players to play with daily.

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Batmeth (Team.Insidious - not competing)

Excuse me Our team would like you to play for us

5:44pm 23/4/15
Mr.Bliss (Imperius Gaming - - 44th)

Hey if there are any dmg+ open teams around tonight Imperius Gaming is looking for a scrim tonight, Thursday Arpril 23 starting at 7pm or later

9:32pm 22/4/15
NarVik (OverDrive - not competing)

I wanna make a CS:GO team guys im Gold Nova 1 and i get unbanned in 3 days hit me up with a add and we will have a chat

JIGGY_CSGO (Lyrik_Gaming - - 91st)

Sorry mate, but no one will have a team with Gold Novas, you need to be MG2 or higher for someone to even consider you for a team.

6:26am 21/4/15
RS -Rattler- (Ghost Division Gaming - - 117th)

My team is ready to be challanged!
Send me a message or directly challange us

7:39pm 10/4/15

2 players myself and pl1xx will rip anyone in cgo hit me up! lft

2:09pm 4/4/15
SioN (TheStickyWizards - not competing)

Looking for a team to challenge us

12:02am 4/4/15

Please contact me through steam or email

12:01am 4/4/15

I am ranked Mge Very consistent Player Currently in a group but looking to leave due complications Looking for a trial with any group that wants to take csgo to the next lvl

11:57pm 3/4/15

Looking for Group to play Csgo

8:51pm 26/3/15
C0mp3ns8 (Exodus - not competing)

Anyone from any rank to join my team, we believe in training hard so make sure you have a good amount of spare time. but anyone is welcome!

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7:21pm 4/3/15
Flaming Acid (SphinX - not competing)

looking for players aged around 14 or 15 and ranked around silver 3 to join clan. pm me if interested

MrSp3ctre (Evasion Team - - 99th)

silver 3? are you trolling or

7:56am 3/3/15
NZ Captain_Bucket (Personal Vendettas Gaming - not competing)

Looking for One. Wanting to learn and is available during the week. Trial will happen, Cybergamer PM me if interested

5:44pm 12/2/15
Retchhed (WASD.cs - not competing)

Looking to play a match against anyone in the ladder.

MuZZaH (Stack.B - - 25th)

Head hunters are always down for a match

11:20pm 7/1/15
MrSp3ctre (Evasion Team - - 99th)

Looking for a one more player for Evasion, an AWPer would be preferred but not necessary! Based on NSW, Australia.

7:45pm 26/10/14

looking for players, based in QLD if that is important

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1:58am 22/10/14
HK Rysk (Saber-X - not competing)

our team is new to the ladder, we wanna ask how can we schedule a match for the open ladder?

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MuZZaH (Stack.B - - 25th)

once your got 5 see who you can vs and vs them it might take 3 unactive teasm to vs an active team

9:27am 12/10/14

When are the cgo finals and how does it work

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