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PC Logitech CGPL Season 2 Winter Championships 73
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UsernameLooking forAdded
DeviLeX Open Team 27/7/14
Tresis Open Team 25/7/14
Minzee Any Team 24/7/14
Lt. Kurisba Amateur Team 23/7/14
FIMM Pro/Invite Team 22/7/14
JasonTrinhh Main Team 20/7/14
Marsh16194 Open Team 20/7/14
Pecas Open Team 18/7/14
savijN Main Team 16/7/14
HiddenSauce Amateur Team 16/7/14
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3:12pm 22/7/14
1snap (Install Gentoo - - 109th)

Looking for members around nova or ak level, hit me up.
Steam Community :: 1snap

5:02pm 23/6/14

Looking for matches, add me on steam if interested :).


Shared a link.

6:29pm 17/5/14

Hello, I realize that the wall is not meant to be used this way but... I've tried the 'Looking for Team' tab in this and nothing has ever happened, I am looking for a csgo team, I find mm very boring and annoying with the servers. I'm an mg in mm, I play entry fragger/Lurker. I am consistent player most of the time and I can have a strong influence on a game. I apologize for the wall spam!

kmando (ENDURE - Amateur Group B - 1st)

Don't apologise for using this at all. Unfortunately i can't help you with finding a team, but as an alternative to matchmaking, you can try IPGN Pugs which run throughout the day on Unity, which is an australian CS:GO community client. You can download it here

If you are lucky enough, pugging with better skilled players and less cheaters will make you better and also might help you find a team. good luck!
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Thanks heaps, will check it out

5:16pm 16/5/14
Nukleuz (InVidious - not competing)

lads up for a pug
Match #82797 Lobby

Leetway is a competitive CS:GO match making platform.

5:33pm 14/5/14
NZ sE (inFamous - not competing)

anyone got 5 for scrim in 1hr ?

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8:18pm 12/5/14
NZ sE (inFamous - not competing)

Any admins around to actually admin?? CG servers are horrendous !!

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BloodKnot (Final Rest Gaming - - 15th)

yeah our match was unplayable from the lag we had.

4:24pm 3/5/14
Stryker (Team Vintage - not competing)


5:16am 3/5/14
RoBamb0 (Team InceptioN - Waiting Pool - 8th)

just shout out to all the peoples wats happening

3:42pm 26/4/14
Stryker (Team Vintage - not competing)

anyone want scrim?

digitallic (Feven - not competing)

11th in the comp and I'm terrible at this game.

6:18pm 24/4/14
Rooster. (Final Rest Gaming - - 15th)

FINAL REST GAMING// Looking to scrim, contact us ASAP!

1:28pm 24/4/14
Stryker (Team Vintage - not competing)

If anyone is keen for future scrims message me on cybergamer

11:36pm 23/4/14
SE Admiral Chicken (The Bazinga Team - not competing)

Looking for clan war 5v5 we got Server!!!!!!

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Rooster. (Final Rest Gaming - - 15th)

Talk to our Clan leader Bloodknot to organise a scrim!!!

1:06pm 23/4/14
xÐëáthx (FlashForce - not competing)

Looking for Players above Nova 1 rank for legit clan, Message for further information,
Steam Community :: ÐÈÁ??

1:05pm 23/4/14
xÐëáthx (FlashForce - not competing)

Looking for Players above Nova 1 rank for legit clan, Message for further information,
Steam Community :: ÐÈÁ??

4:50pm 19/4/14
SuperSemen (Penisland - - 31st)


5:45am 18/4/14
phambrian (Penisland - - 31st)

Add me so we can scrim together! steam id: phambrian We are looking for scrims!

8:41pm 16/4/14
Rads (ANZAC GAMERS 5th - - 55th)

hi guys Write on CS:GO Open 5v5's wall

9:07pm 15/4/14
kohesive (fyve - not competing)

Match scheduled for 9 but server just crashed and we can't join

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8:53pm 15/4/14
sladez` (asesino. - Amateur Group C - 1st)

any CSGO ADMINS around please ?

sladez` (asesino. - Amateur Group C - 1st)

It would be nice if there were an admin on hand when matches are scheduled.

9:24pm 12/4/14
Vic. (Function E-Sports - not competing)

add me on steam for scrim. vicfxcsgo

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