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PC CGPL Season 3 Championships 79
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UsernameLooking forAdded
Syclonee Any Team 3h 14m ago
YoYoYoItsPiggy Any Team 8h 56m ago
VenetiaN Any Team 27/3/15
Godlikez Main Team 26/3/15
YaR1 Any Team 25/3/15
MuZZaH LAN Team 24/3/15
reagunz Any Team 24/3/15
Fizzelf Any Team 24/3/15
x4mpLe Amateur Team 22/3/15
SuMMERz Pro/Invite Team 22/3/15
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8:51pm 26/3/15
C0mp3ns8 (Exodus - - 197th)

Anyone from any rank to join my team, we believe in training hard so make sure you have a good amount of spare time. but anyone is welcome!

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7:21pm 4/3/15
Flaming Acid (SphinX - not competing)

looking for players aged around 14 or 15 and ranked around silver 3 to join clan. pm me if interested

MrSp3ctre (Evasion Team - - 121st)

silver 3? are you trolling or

7:56am 3/3/15
US Captain_Bucket (Personal Vendettas Gaming - - 123rd)

Looking for One. Wanting to learn and is available during the week. Trial will happen, Cybergamer PM me if interested

5:44pm 12/2/15
Retchhed (WASD.cs - - 129th)

Looking to play a match against anyone in the ladder.

MuZZaH (Head Hunters GT - - 17th)

Head hunters are always down for a match

3:27pm 26/1/15
3DG// FuRyZ (kkkk - not competing)

Looking for around 3 people to join our clan (InfinityZ) You need to meet these requirements. Around the age of 14, dedicated to put time into strat making and all that stuff at least a n3/4. Add me on steam to apply.

11:20pm 7/1/15
MrSp3ctre (Evasion Team - - 121st)

Looking for a one more player for Evasion, an AWPer would be preferred but not necessary! Based on NSW, Australia.

7:45pm 26/10/14

looking for players, based in QLD if that is important

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1:58am 22/10/14
HK Rysk (Saber-X - not competing)

our team is new to the ladder, we wanna ask how can we schedule a match for the open ladder?

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MuZZaH (Head Hunters GT - - 17th)

once your got 5 see who you can vs and vs them it might take 3 unactive teasm to vs an active team

9:27am 12/10/14
m1lanskE (Team Pinnacle - not competing)

When are the cgo finals and how does it work

10:48pm 29/9/14
IL SexyDemon (PinkStarz - not competing)

Looking for players

9:21pm 29/9/14
US Superfoil123 (ALT 225 - not competing)

Could I have some admin help please?

1:40am 29/9/14
GB DannyBoy9889 (Overcharged - - 94th)

Someone challenge our team, Or i can challenge you.

MuZZaH (Head Hunters GT - - 17th)

You Will need to get ranked around 20-40 to challenge active teams , in the mean time challenge the highest teams possible.

7:51pm 11/9/14
Ahsum4sum (DICESPIN - not competing)

Can we please have some assistance admins?

3:52am 2/9/14
US Donwonjae (UpTightESports - not competing)

Shared a link.
Steam Community :: Gettin It

3:51am 2/9/14
US Donwonjae (UpTightESports - not competing)

Looking for a team to join and to play with

MuZZaH (Head Hunters GT - - 17th)

Look in this comment wall to find a team looking for one or go to recruiting forum

8:12pm 22/8/14
exultant (AddiKt Gaming - Waiting Pool - 5th)

Any admins on?

7:23pm 16/8/14
PoshPanda (Team Flash Myself - not competing)

Admins help?

9:34pm 10/8/14

any admins around please ?

4:08pm 7/8/14
PoshPanda (Team Flash Myself - not competing)

Anyone wanna scrim? Add me

3:12pm 22/7/14
1snap (Install Gentoo - not competing)

Looking for members around nova or ak level, hit me up.
Steam Community :: 1snap

digitallic (Feven - not competing)

How many people do you have that are well balanced between AWP AK and P250?

If you, for some reason, want to add me, I won't be playing much.

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