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CyberGamer homepage changes
in PC, XBOX, PS by Asterix - Apr 30th 2015
Hello everyone, we've removed the "CG Wall" from the homepage and replaced it with an expanded news feed, similar to the previous versions of the site.

This is largely due to the wall not being used the way it was intended. The CG Wall was supposed to be the single part of the site that was shared across AU/EU and all of the platforms, unfortunately it doesn't appeared to have worked out. Most of the content is probably better suited to the forums.

No further wall posts will be allowed. For the meantime the existing posts can be found here. Will likely remove the archive entirely in the near future.

Let me know if you encounter any issues,


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Vivid Game | ON - Hearthstone
in PC by Cyanide. - Apr 15th 2015
Hello everyone,

Want to see how you stack up against the best players in our region? Sign up for our Hearthstone - Game ON competition presented by TurtleBeach. Enjoy a weekend of gaming in front of a live audience and win some cool loot along the way.

Event information:
- Date: May 23rd - 24th
- Venue: Australian Technology Park, Sydney NSW
- Online and live event competitions
- Over $15,000 in product and cash prizes!
- International event invitations up for grabs
- Played in front of a live expo crowd with thousands of attendees
- Test out new and upcoming products from gaming companies
- See what advice industry specialists have for you in one of the many panels
- Get your name and brand in front of the industries finest
Age restrictions apply for the eSports Zone. You must present valid photo-ID at the entry to the eSports Zone. You are not permitted to access this area if you are under 15 years of age

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CGPL Final Standings
in PC by defcoN - Apr 13th 2015
8 teams descended onto the Australian Technology Park for the Cybergamer Premier League season 3 finals. After 2 days and 25 hours of content Streamline are your CGPL Season 3 winners taking down Team Immunity 2-0 (16-12, 16-11).

We at CyberGamer would like to thank all the players for making it an enjoyable and smooth event and especially Rogue, Kmando, Bench, r0cky and Talnoy for all their help this weekend. We would also like to give a big shout out to TeamdownTV, Uber, Elfishguy, Sandman and of course PeetyG for providing the content and casting. As everyone involved is a volunteer we would not be able to put on events without the help of these guys.

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CGPL Live event door prizes!
in PC by Talnoy - Apr 7th 2015
Welcommen! For our visitors who come into ATP this weekend to watch the CGPL Season3 CS:GO Championships we have some pretty sweet prizes lined up for you. All you need to do is find Rogue and collect a ticket from her then listen in during our prize draws between the match intermissions!

Click Read More for more information!

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SMITE Oceania Esports Season 2015
in PC by Yons - Mar 13th 2015
Season 1 and the initial Open Ladder has ended its time to reveal your path to the SMITE World Championships. There are many ways you can make it into the Regional final which will be held at PAX Australia, in Melbourne.

The official announcement of the SMITE Oceania Pro League can be found at Hi-Rez Studios official site

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CGPL Season 3 Final Event Information
in PC by defcoN - Mar 10th 2015
As we approach the half way mark of the season we can now confirm the official date for the CGPL Season3 Live Event Finals. We had posted this from the launch as the 2nd weekend in April but this is now CONFIRMED. So on the 11th of April the CGPL Season3 CS:GO Championships will go live from ATP in Sydney.

Its good to get back to Sydney and we will be returning to the home of last seasons CGPL Championships and of course the Azubu Australian Masters. The group stage matches will be contested in the large room behind the theatre while the final stage will be played in the theatre.

Finding ATP Sydney:

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[Tournament] Cybergamer Conquest 5v5 (15th of...
in PC by Taddy - Feb 5th 2015
CyberGamer is very excited to bring you it's third ever 5v5 Conquest one day competition. This will be in a double elimination or single elimination format depending on the amount of interest.

Start Time: 1PM (Sydney Time)
End Time: 10PM (Sydney Time)

1st - 5x 800 gems
2nd - 5x 400 gems
3rd - 5x 200 gems

The requirement for each format is:

Double Elimination: 8 to 16 teams with each game being best of one and finals best of three
Single Elimination: 32+ teams with each game being best of one and finals best of three

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HearthStone ODC 24th January
in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 16th 2015
To register for the ODC sign up HERE Please ensure you register your team as your BattleNet ID so all other participants can easily add you to challenge. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

Once you have registered your team in the bracket you must complete the class registration form available HERE

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CyberGamer SMITE Launch & Ultimate God Pack g...
in PC by Yons - Dec 16th 2014
Cybergamer is working with Hi-Rez Studios to bring you a competitive season of SMITE tournament beginning on December 17th. We are also giving away five Ultimate God Packs. each pack provides access to every character and future characters in the game.

To Enter
Have a SMITE account linked to your CG Profile
Like Cybergamer on Facebook
Post a comment on your favourite god

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HyperX Cloud Headset Weekend!
in PC by Talnoy - Nov 24th 2014
Not this weekend but the one before it was a warm...humid saturday night and i was in Sydney where HyperX (not kingston hyperX just hyperx ty) were doing a presentation on their new cloud gaming headsets and also filling us in on the latest and greatest of the HyperX range. They had invited me in as a representative from CyberGamer so i headed off to see what the fuss was all about.

We had ventured into the city to a really funky little place called the nerd cave, it was tucked away beside ding dong dang karaoke? Needless to say it is something...well im not even sure what it is, but the closest i could pin it to was a hybrid lan cafe where its more about just chilling with friends and enjoying any type of games you like, even card games.

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AZUBU Australian Masters - Visitor Information
in PC by Talnoy - Nov 3rd 2014
Hi all,

For those who wish to come and watch the Azubu Australian Masters here is a bit of information for you on how to find the venue and your way to the rooms where we are holding the event.

To get to the venue i suggest you use the information on this page:

To find the building itself, once you come up into the ATP precinct you will see the following building right in the middle of the big row of warehouses, just walk in the glass doors shown (or just walk in the building with a big 8 on the front.

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CyberGamer Summer Slam Comp
in PC by Brucy - Oct 30th 2014
Hi all,

With the season now over and the off season in full swing, we would like to announce the summer off-season turbo competition!

Similar to last autumn this will be a five week event taking place on the Tournament ladder and will be open to teams of all skill levels. This gives teams a chance to compete against the best multiple times over the off season and prove their skills to the community. This also serves as a great opportunity to really hone your skills in the lead up to the next season.

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