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Experience Rankings

in PC by Asterix - Aug 10th 2016
Experience Rankings Hello everyone, i've added an XP rankings leaderboard to the website: - AU - EU

On your profiles there's a section that displays the XP you gain from completing various things on the site, the majority of them are related to completing ladder/league/tournament matches, as well as anything that awards you a trophy (winning tournaments etc).

At the end of each month the top 10 users (per site, AU/EU/NA) will receive a month of free CG premium. If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know.

Have fun

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Overwatch Weekly Tournament [Free Entry+Prize...

in PC by Haydz - Jul 29th 2016
Overwatch Weekly Tournament [Free Entry+Prize Money] Changes to the Overwatch tournaments. Now once a week each Tuesday night, free entry with $120 up for grabs.

Check out the full thread for all details.

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SMITE OPL Split 3 Announcement/Split 3 Challe...

in PC by HughZ - Jul 29th 2016
SMITE OPL Split 3 Announcement/Split 3 Challenger's Cup Update! With Split 2 drawing to a close, the time has come to announce the third and final split of the year for the SMITE Oceania Pro League! With the largest prizepool of the year and a trip to the SMITE World Championships in January on the line, this promises to be the most intense and competitive time in Oceanic SMITE history. Running for 8 weeks, 6 teams will play each other twice beginning the 10th of September and ending the 30th of October. Check out the official Hi-Rez Announcement!


Plantronics and CyberGamer Event Partnership

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Jul 20th 2016
Plantronics and CyberGamer Event Partnership We are excited to announce our event partnership with Plantronics throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Plantronics is a global leader in all aspects of audio communications through all industries.With a number of planned live events remaining in 2016 and early planning for 2017 we are thrilled to have Plantronics by our side.

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Oceanic Esports Masters Announcement

in PC by Brucy - Jul 7th 2016
Oceanic Esports Masters Announcement Esports in Oceania continues to grow beyond expectations and CyberGamer is proud to be a large part of that growth. With the expansion of esports in the region, the time has come for an event that represents that growth and that event is the Oceania Esports Masters.

Held over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of August 2016, the first Esports Masters will feature two titles (CS:GO and SMITE) at Australia Technology Park Sydney. 4 teams in both titles will battle out for a hefty purse and the title of Oceania Esports Masters.

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Start your own gaming site!

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Jun 23rd 2016
Start your own gaming site! Hi everyone, i'd like to find out if there's any interest out there for other communities to license a white-label version of CyberGamer's website software.

Your website would be on your domain under your brand name and we would host it for you. You would essentially pay us a monthly fee that covers the hosting of your site plus some kind of software license fee. We would waive the license fee for the first several customers in return for helping to beta test.

Click Read more for more information.

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Battlefield 1 History Lesson - The St. Quenti...

in PC: Battlefield by SpotTheOzzie - Jun 20th 2016
Battlefield 1 History Lesson - The St. Quentin Scar Dice have announced new maps for Battlefield 1: Amiens,
The St. Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire's Edge.

Today I discuss the famous World War 1 Battle of
Mont Saint-Quentin (1918) which was part of the Hundred Days Offensive.

As part of the Allied counteroffensives on the Western Front in the late summer of 1918,
the Australian Corps crossed the Somme River on the night of August 31,
and broke the German lines at Mont Saint-Quentin and Péronne.

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Win with MSI Notebook this winter!

in PC: General by Rogue - Jun 17th 2016
Win with MSI Notebook this winter! Name one of the MSI Gaming Notebooks that are included in the Dragon Fever Promotion and tell us what your favourite feature of that MSI Gaming Notebook is and why!

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Warcraft Movie Ticket Giveaway

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Jun 10th 2016
Warcraft Movie Ticket Giveaway Cybergamer & in conjunction with NBC Universal and Blizzard Entertainment would like to invite you to view the upcoming film Warcraft: The Beginning!
We have multiple admit 2 in-season passes available to a few lucky winners!

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Overwatch Tourneys: Big One & Monthly Final

in PC by Brucy - May 30th 2016
Overwatch Tourneys: Big One & Monthly Final In addition to the launch of our Open ladder, we've added two large tournaments to our tournament roster:

The Big One (Double Elim) - Sunday 7pm
Monthly Final(Double Elim) - The first Sunday of the month - 7pm

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Overwatch Open Ladder now available!

in PC by Brucy - May 30th 2016
Overwatch Open Ladder now available! Hi all,

We hope you are all enjoying Overwatch as much as we are, now that the game has been out for a little while its time to dive straight into the competitive side of things!

The open ladder is a free, unrestricted & unending ladder that anyone can join and compete in, whether you are starting a competitive team or just want a more formal environment to play with your friends, this is the perfect place to start your eSports campaign.

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Split 2 Challengers Cup Announcement

in PC by Knightfall - May 24th 2016
Split 2 Challengers Cup Announcement We're happy to announce Challenger Cup Split 2 - leading teams into the Pro League in Split 3! Challenger's Cup matches will begin 28th of May, however, you can sign up right now!

Challenger's Cup is the place to play on a competitive for everyone. If you and your team wish to improve your play (even if you don't think you can make OPL) this is definitely the place for you to sharpen your game!

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