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Paladins - Champions of The Realm

in PC by Cyanide. - Nov 18th 2015
Paladins - Champions of The Realm Paladins combines classic fantasy elements and visuals with modern multiplayer action design. Players on each team must work together to capture points and push their colossal, base-annihilating siege engine toward the opposing side's gates across a vast map. Every champion has a primary weapon, unique combat and movement abilities, a personal mount, and a customisable deck of cards. These cards are drawn and activated as matches progress, giving players and teams strategic opportunities to change the course of each game.

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OCE CS:GO Power Ranking #1 - 10/11/15

in PC by Flam3z - Nov 10th 2015
OCE CS:GO Power Ranking #1 - 10/11/15 The Oceanic CS:GO scene has always struggled for a consistently updated ranking, with so many teams changing rosters every season and tournaments, besides the very few elite teams. I've taken the initiative to start one officially. Rather than create some kind of point system and waste my precious time on allocating which team should receive how many points, I've decided to look at the recent form and achievements of the teams.

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CGPL Season 4 LAN Finalists

in PC by Brucy - Oct 22nd 2015
CGPL Season 4 LAN Finalists Division one's online component has wrapped up and all the important seeding matches have been completed. The top four were selected however due to unfortunate circumstances SYF and Legacy have had to withdraw from the LAN portion of the competition.

So, our new top four that will be competing at PAX are: Team Immunity, Chiefs, Exile5, Vox Eminor

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BlasterX Cup presented by CyberGamer

in PC by Brucy - Oct 21st 2015
BlasterX Cup presented by CyberGamer With CGPL nearly over, and the off season about to begin, we would like to announce the off season BlasterX Cup

Similar to last year's summer slam this will be a five week event taking place on the ladder and will be open to teams of all skill levels. This gives teams a chance to compete against the best multiple times over the off season and prove their skills to the community. This also serves as a great opportunity to really hone your skills in the lead up to the next season.

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MSI CGPL PAX Visitor and Stream Information

in PC by Cyanide. - Oct 17th 2015
MSI CGPL PAX Visitor and Stream Information For those who wish to come and watch the CGPL LAN finals here is a bit of information on how you can catch all the action live in person. The Finals this time will be held at Pax Australia at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. While watching all the action be sure to check out the MSI products on display and please follow them on Twitter and Facebook for PAX updates.

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Plantronics + CyberGamer RIG Flex Giveaway

in PC by Cyanide. - Oct 15th 2015
Plantronics + CyberGamer RIG Flex Giveaway Celebrating the Rocket League Pro League partnership with Plantronics, we are giving away 1 Plantronics RIG Flex headset to a lucky user on the 25th. This is the first giveaway of a few planned through out the season, and its very easy to do.

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CyberGamer Open Ladder Re-opened!

in PC by Knightfall - Oct 12th 2015
CyberGamer Open Ladder Re-opened! Announcing the first stage of the Smite Oceania Off-Season
With the Smite season drawing to a close and the only remaining event left in the Oceania path to worlds being PAX we have decided to bring back the Open Ladder! Over the next 8 weeks teams will be able to challenge each other and climb to the top! The ladder will end on the 6th of December and the top 8 teams will go into the finals where they will play a single elimination tournament for huge prizes![/i]

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[Rocket League] Introducing Pro Leagues

in PC by Magician - Oct 5th 2015
[Rocket League] Introducing Pro Leagues So here we are, the next installment of ROCKET LEAGUE on CyberGamer. This game is forever evolving and thus has lead us to the season 1 finals with some real tough competition ahead for those teams lucky enough to be involved. The admins are keen to see what can come of turning this into a more competitive playing field!

With this in mind, we have some MASSIVE changes ahead in season 2 that should catapult this game's fierce competition onto a whole new level. We're introducing divisional leagues with some nice cash on offer for a number of people good enough to beat the best, and not only that - but we are mixing together PC and PlayStation players for the ultimate in fierce competition.

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MSI - New Skylake Models

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Oct 1st 2015
MSI - New Skylake Models MSI, the leading gaming notebook manufacturer and innovator, is the first in the gaming market to launch gaming notebooks of Intel's latest 6th generation Intel Core i7 Skylake processors for hardcore gamers.

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CGPS Partners with Turtle Beach

in PS, PC by HerniBrah - Oct 1st 2015
CGPS Partners with Turtle Beach We are very proud to finally announce our partnership with Turtle Beach in the lead up to Black Ops 3. Turtle Beach headsets are the most popular products in gaming audio favoured by many top tier players and organisations and we couldn't be happier to have them on board.

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Tournament and Premium changes

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Sep 19th 2015
Tournament and Premium changes Hello everyone, we've made some major changes to the tournament system and CG Premium.

All users are now able to activate a free 2 week trial of CG Premium at this page:

More free tournaments will now require CG premium to compete, allowing more tournaments to have prize pools. We'll still have some completely "free" tournaments that don't require CG premium, we'll revisit how many in two weeks given that most users will likely activate premium immediately. Users that already have CG premium (thanks!) are able to add on the free 2 weeks to their existing subscription from the premium page.

Click read more for more information.

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Rainbow 6 Siege Beta Keys

in PC: General by Cyanide. - Sep 11th 2015
Rainbow 6 Siege Beta Keys Hello everyone,

Are you ready for the Rainbow 6 Siege Beta on September 24th? CyberGamer are proud to announce that we are giving away Beta keys to guarantee your spot in the Beta thanks to Ubisoft!

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