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Rocket League Return 2017

in PC, PS by Rocket League Admin - Jan 15th 2017

With the recent announcements for 2017 we want to make sure we have the best esports titles supported this year. Rocket League with out a doubt deserves its place in the mix. To kick things off, we have brought back three tournaments as week for Rocket League on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights that are catered to PS and PC cross platform. This will help get teams warmed up and ready for the Pro Leagues starting mid February.

PUG, Play and Win Crystals With Paladins

in PC by Cyanide. - Jan 11th 2017

Today we are excited to announce that moving forward every time you play pugs and win, you will rank up and climb the leader boards. At the end of every month, the top 5 players will earn themselves a 400 crystal code courtesy of Hi Rez Studios and Double Jump Communications. Cybergamer will be hosting PUG matches for Paladins. These PUG matches will earn players points. At the end of every month the top 5 players will receive awesome prizes.

Find a Sponsor!

in PC: General by Asterix - Jan 5th 2017

Hello everyone, today we're starting an initiative to help players, streamers, teams and organisations find sponsors. eSports and CyberGamer are starting to become more mainstream and we've started to receive a lot more interest from companies that approach us wanting to get in touch with reputable gamers/teams.

In order to do this properly we've created an applications system here:

If you are an individual or a team/organisation that has some reasonable exposure please put in application. Applications with popular twitter, twitch or youtube channels are likely to be the most sought after. It is important you list all the areas that you are able to offer branding to a sponsor as some companies will only be interested in applications that offer a particular medium.

Click read more for more information.

IW: CGPL Autumn Qualifier Information

in PS, PC by GIBERER - Jan 4th 2017

Welcome all,

It brings us all great pleasure to be able to bring more information regarding the first season of Infinite Warfare leagues. With the announcement of the CyberGamer Premier League, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for Call of Duty on CG. Before we kick off the league however, we have plenty of competition leading up with FFYI's.

CSGO off-season series #2

in PC by Asterix - Jan 2nd 2017

Hello everyone, if you're interested in playing in a smaller/quicker CSGO off-season there is a sign-up page for season 2 here:

Start date:
Sunday 6:00pm January 8th 2017
Your first match will be within the first 7 days.

Groups of 4:
The top team from each group qualifies into a single elimination BO3 finals bracket.

Click read more for more information.

CGPL Autumn 2017 Qualifier Information

in PC by CS:GO Admin - Jan 1st 2017

Welcome to another year of CyberGamer CSGO, we're kicking off the year with CGPL Autumn 2017 and it's going to be a big one, before we get into the league, we are kicking the season off with FFYI's.

Returning are the four main skill divisions:
CyberGamer Professional (CGp)
CyberGamer Intermediate (CGi)
CyberGamer Main (CGm)
CyberGamer Amatuer (CGa)

10 Year Anniversary and 2017 Roadmap

in PC, XBOX, PS by Cyanide. - Dec 29th 2016

10th Year Anniversary
It will be hard to mention 2017 without acknowledging that on the 9th of April 2017 CG will be turning 10. Starting with CoD2, in the last 10 years we have hosted nearly every major competitive game and been at the core of helping teams and players develop in the region.
Running a website like CyberGamer is far from an easy task as we have seen many sites come and go over this time. We first and foremost would like to thank all of the 350,000 members who have registered and used this site during the last ten years.

CG Verified Teams

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Dec 27th 2016

Hello everyone, today we're announcing a new feature called "CG Verified Teams". Which are active teams that are stable and have had a reasonably consistent roster for 6+ months.

In addition there is a second level called "Gold Verified" which is for teams that meet the normal verified requirements, but have also made the finals in a major competition in the last 12 months.

We hope this feature will help teams find organisations and sponsors easier by having CyberGamer vouch for the teams stability.

Click read more for more information.

[CSGO] Season Nine Wrap Up

in PC by CS:GO Admin - Dec 13th 2016

CyberGamer Season Nine is winding down to a close with the CyberGamer Pro and the CyberGamer Intermediate finals concluding this weekend. 12 teams in each division battled it out over seven weeks to see who would reign supreme and who would walk away with the prize money.

The top eight teams of each division progressed through to their finals series, in CyberGamer Pro we saw: Plusvee, Cypher, Onestop, Avant Garde, Parallax, Exile5, Team Skyfire and Trident eSports compete.

Click read more for more information.

CSGO off-season series #1 information thread

in PC by Asterix - Nov 22nd 2016

Hello everyone, we are announcing a new "off-season"league that will run along-side and completely independently of our CGa/CGm/CGi/CGp leagues. This is a short season that will run for roughly 5 weeks. If it is successful, you can expect it run regularly in the future.

- Groups of 6. You will play everyone in your group once (5 matches). Group stage is BO1, map chosen by VETO.
- Top two teams from each group proceed onto a single elimination final, with matches being BO3. Finals maps chosen by: VETO, VETO, PICK PICK, VETO, VETO, Remaining Map.
- All matches have over-time enabled, no draws are allowed.
- Teams are ranked in their group by: most wins and then least losses.
- TIEBREAKER: If two or more teams in a group are drawing for a qualifying position, the team that defeated the other team will be ranked higher (head 2 head).

For the entire season, including finals. All matches will be scheduled via one team offering multiple times to the opposing team who will accept one of the times. You will have 24 hours to offer times and 24 hours to accept times. Matches around christmas/new years period will be given additional time to play their matches. The season should complete in the first couple of weeks of January.

On average you will be required to play 1 match every 5 days throughout the season, you will have the option to play slightly faster if you choose to. You will be automatically entered into your matches as you complete the ones assigned to you.

The Semi Finals + Grand Finals may be played together on a Sunday night if the final 4 teams agree.

Entry Fees
There is a $10 entry fee per player, only 5 players on your team are required to pay the fee. All players on your team (including subs) must have an active premium subscription.

Players and Roster Lock
Teams must have 5 players, but can have up to 3 additional substitutes. You may add additional subs to your team for the first 7 days of the season, rosters are locked after that. Your teams can be completely different to your teams in other leagues on the site, this is a completely independent season.

Coaches are allowed, but must be approved by the CSGO admins, they will be marked as approved within the tournament system. Coaches must be added as a "sub" on your team page before the end of the first week (before roster lock).

Prize Pool
1st: $750
2nd: $400
3rd: $250
4th: $150

If 45 or more teams join the first place prize will change to $1000, and 2nd to $500.

You can sign up here:

Sign ups close:
8pm Sunday 27th of November.

Your team will be removed if it has not paid the entry fees by the start time. Late regos for 1-3 extra teams may be allowed for up to 24 hours after signups close, there will be no adding any extra teams in after this period whatsoever. Please ensure your team is added well in advance...

If you have any questions please let me know and i'll update this thread.


$10k Paladins Evie's "Winter" Classic Tournam...

in PC by Knightfall - Nov 9th 2016

Paladins Evie's "Winter" Classic

With the Paladins Invitational round robin out of the way we see Abyss Esports and Avant Garde making their way to the Hi Rez Oceania Championships to see who represents Australia at the Hi Rez Expo January 2017.
However, we are not done with Paladins for the year. Starting Monday 14th November we will be hosting the Paladins Evie's "Winter" Classic where teams will fight it out over 5 weeks to see who will walk away with a share in $10,000 cash.

So whats next? Just put together a team and have fun!

Upcoming Monthly Finals

in PC, PS: General by Asterix - Oct 25th 2016

Hello everyone, we've added 3 PC copies of Mafia 3 Deluxe editions to the 1st place prize pool for each of the upcoming monthly finals:

PS4 CoD:BO3 (2pm Sunday October 30th):

PC CSGO (6:30pm Sunday November 6th):

These are provided courtesy of savemi. You will receive steam key's to download the games.

We will continue to build up the prizes for the Monthly Finals in the future. As a reminder, all premium users receive an entry ticket into a Monthly Final each month. They generally run on either the first or last Sunday of the month. View the tournament system to check: