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View Profile Riotous
Ranking: #3
Wins 5
Losses 1
Last Time: Won (2 - 0) View
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 1
View Profile DedSet
Ranking: #2
Wins 1
Losses 4
Last Time: Loss (0 - 2) View
Rivalry 0 wins
Streak 4
Who do you think will win?
56% Riotous
44% DedSet
9 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 779268
Match Status: Completed
Competition: Acer CGPL Autumn 2017
Match Time: 23/2/17 - Thursday 7:06PM AEDT More
Played: 33 days, 19 hours, 18 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 10:08pm 17/2/17
Created by Admin: MC
Sent By: apocdud at 8:50pm 18/2/17
Accepted By: Vena at 8:38pm 19/2/17
Game: PC, Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Challenger: Riotous
Defender: DedSet
Map 1: de_cache
Map 2: de_mirage
Map 3: de_cbble
Post Match Results
Riotous submitted: apocdud(9:19pm 23/2/17)
Riotous Scored: 2
DedSet Scored: 0
DedSet submitted: Vena(9:05pm 23/2/17)
Riotous Scored: 2
DedSet Scored: 0
Post Match
Winner: Riotous
Riotous: 2
DedSet: 0
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Name Time
CSGO TV 7:06pm 23/2/17
CSGO TV 7:06pm 23/2/17
Forum Threads
View Profile Riotous
Name: Avail Status STEAM ID
1ukeyboy - Online Now! 1:88169472
apocdud - Online 1h 40m ago 0:29162650
bzz - Offline 1:76779822
crunchygeoduck - Offline 1:75413803
dreammm - Online 50m ago :115928551
Ineligible[Not Paid]
- Online 20h 17m ago 1:14039856
CG Premium required
- Offline 1:2100903
Xtreme2g - Offline 0:78993024
Ineligible players are only allowed to play with the explicit permission of the opposing team (they should post in the match private chat before the match). Playing an ineligble player without permission may result in the match being forfeited. It is not the other teams problem to check your roster and ensure all are eligible.
View Profile DedSet
Name: Avail Status STEAM ID
bryaz - Online 55m ago 1:86057216
CG Premium required
- Online 15h 18m ago 1:97320920
Lyt - Offline 0:35727510
NeverForget - Online 10h 56m ago 1:79138274
TimmyR - Online 18h 57m ago 1:260316
Vena - Online 18h 39m ago 1:71851020
Challengers members at match time
Defenders members at match time
Players in-game
CG User: 1ukeyboy
CG User: Vena
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