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Ranking: #9
Wins 4
Losses 2
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Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 1
Ranking: #20
Wins 0
Losses 1
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Rivalry 0 wins
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100% Maximum Sensitivity
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Match Details
Match ID: 227612
Match Status: Completed
Match Time: 4/5/12 - Friday 6:00PM AEDT More
Played: 1482 days, 14 hours, 41 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 11:46am 30/4/12
Sent By: fletch796 at 11:46am 30/4/12
Accepted By: Lachdog at 4:39pm 1/5/12
Game: XBOX360, MW3 4v4
Challenger: Maximum Sensitivity
Defender: LAX/HB
Map:  Map 1: CTF-Dome
Map 2: SND-Arkaden
Map 3: CTF-Bootleg
Map 4: SND-Lockdown
Map 5: CTF-Lockdown

Once a winner is found, the remaining maps do not need to be played.
Post Match Results
Maximum Sensi... submitted:
Maximum Sensitivity Scored: 1
LAX/HB Scored: 0
Post Match
Winner: Maximum Sensitivity
Maximum Sensitivity: 1
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