Ranking: #77
Wins 1
Losses 6
Last Time: Loss (10 - 14) View
Rivalry 0 wins
Streak 2
ProXimity View Profile
Ranking: #0
Wins 6
Losses 3
Last Time: Won (14 - 10) View
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 2
Who do you think will win?
9% BL
91% ProXimity
108 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 152714
Match Status: Completed
Match Time: 11/9/11 - Sunday 8:00PM AEDT More
Played: 1719 days, 22 hours, 26 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 2:45pm 7/9/11
Created by Admin: Brittany
Sent By: Spyder LR at 1:23am 10/9/11
Accepted By: jeRk. at 11:40am 10/9/11
Game: XBOX360, Black Ops
Challenger: BL
Defender: ProXimity
Map: Cracked
Post Match Results
BL submitted: Silent.
BL Maps: 10
ProXimity Maps: 14
ProXimity submitted: jeRk.
BL Maps: 10
ProXimity Maps: 14
Post Match
Winner: ProXimity
BL: 10
ProXimity: 14
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