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View Profile The Last Reconnaissance
Ranking: #0
Wins 0
Losses 0
Last Time: Won (2 - 0) View
Rivalry 4 wins
Streak 0
View Profile ArchaicMSI Esports
Ranking: #0
Wins 0
Losses 0
Last Time: Loss (0 - 2) View
Rivalry 0 wins
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Who do you think will win?
84% The Last Reconnaissance
16% ArchaicMSI Esports
18 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 140559
Match Status: Completed
Resolved by: Asterix at 10:31pm 26/7/11.
Match Time: 26/7/11 - Tuesday 8:30PM AEDT More
Played: 1917 days, 9 hours, 34 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 12:05am 15/7/11
Created by Admin: Asterix
Sent By: Asterix at 12:06am 15/7/11
Accepted By: Sensuki at 4:03pm 18/7/11
Game: PC, Call of Duty 2
Challenger: The Last Reconnaissance
Defender: ArchaicMSI Esports
Map: Grand Final
Server IP:
Post Match Results
The Last Reco... submitted: Asterix
The Last Reconnaissance Scored: 2
ArchaicMSI Esports Scored: 0
ArchaicMSI Es... submitted:
The Last Reconnaissance Scored: 2
ArchaicMSI Esports Scored: 0
Post Match
Winner: The Last Reconnaissance
The Last Reconnaissance: 2
ArchaicMSI Esports: 0
Half time: Half time screenshot
Full time: Full time screenshot
Screenshot #3: Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4: Screenshot #4
The Last Rec... write up: gg
Uploaded Demos
Name Time
Asterix 8:30pm 26/7/11
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