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Play PUGs, WIN Crystals

Today we are excited to announce that moving forward every time you play pugs and win, you will rank up and climb the leader boards. At the end of every month, the top 5 players will earn themselves a 400 crystal code courtesy of Hi Rez Studios and Double Jump Communications. Cybergamer will be hosting PUG matches for Paladins. These PUG matches will earn players points. At the end of every month the top 5 players will receive awesome prizes.

These matches are design to help people get the best out of their play while at the same time meeting and playing with new people. Whether you are new or experienced the PUG matches will be exciting and fun for everyone. Want to scrim? why not set up a PUG lobby, invite your friends whilst increasing your Paladins PUG Rank?

To play in PUG matches to go HERE, or from the main menu click Pugs > PC: Paladins to get started.

You can download Paladins from the Paladins website or from Steam.

You can also join us in Discord and meet other Paladins fans.
3 months ago
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