AU Spadez
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6.7 years ago
hey guys i have been playing a fair few player matches and getting paired up with heaps of Aussies, so if you do play a local player send him a msg or chat inv and try and get him keen on the site.
i know i will anyway, i wanna get this ladder big
AU KruciaIz
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6.7 years ago
yyeh i have a sep acc for tekz
Community tage for cod, message if you have decent clips.
AU Panda
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6.7 years ago
yeah i tend to do that with some games on here like if i see good Aussie i tell him to check out and stuff and most of time they so they will not sure if they do or not though but its worth trying
AU vizzN
XBOXONE Platform Admin
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6.7 years ago
Isn't Tekken the same as DOA thats why I don't wanna play it, DOA is gay.
AU scRiblz
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6.7 years ago
tekken is better ^^
AU Brittany
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6.7 years ago
i may just go buy this game, just so i can own you spadez.
AU Kinori
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6.7 years ago
Quote from scRiblzz on the 1st of January 2010:
tekken is better ^^
yerp scriblz knows it
The city
AU Drjft
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6.7 years ago
Dead or Alive is more about combos, were Tekken is juggling and wall holds.
Bryce 'Drjft' Wilson | Twitter - @DrjftGaming.
NZ massi4h
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6.6 years ago
DOA is really not combo oriented especially with counters being so dominant. Juggles are really the only safe combos cause they can't counter when in the air. Tekken is more of I hit you once and I'm not gonna let you comeback, but I leave you with rage health then you can hit me once and you'll win. DOA chicks are way hotter.

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