AU conNq
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3.9 years ago
Finally got my wizard to inferno after re rolling a week ago, just as i thought rolled through act one with gear from hell act 2. anyway looking for someone/ a group to do butcher runs or act 2 goblin farming.

for butcher runs only requirement is to actually be able to do the run fairly easily with out dying too much.

goblin farm would be preferred to have 150%+ mf, or if you're are high dps class that would be fine too.

add me if you're keen. conq#1586
AU Interrupt `
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3.9 years ago
I dont mind doing act 2 gob farming i got 17k constant dps unfarmed <
AU conNq
2,192 Posts
3.9 years ago
bump, looking for people to goblin farm.

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