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4.3 years ago
Here are SOME UrT servers I found that can be used for Scrims/Matches. If I've missed any servers or you don't want your server to be used, please post in this thread saying so. As a new admin, I thought I'd take some initiative and list some servers (either that, or it's boredom, mostly boredom :P).

Servers List (with my guess on who the admins are):

[EH] Private 1:
[EH] Private Sydney: [Admins: Danny6167, htb, Neo]
[EH] Private Perth:

kp10 Urban Terror Sydney: [Admins: rozzzzzzzz, Terrorcakes]

Team noChance: [Admins: Atmosphere]

-V5- Private: [Admins: Delta]

Hope this helps a little bit!
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4.3 years ago
There's also the pugbot server, which is free for anyone to use for scrims. [Admins: Hypnotoad, Stu, Leighrex]
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4.3 years ago
Is there a config file we should exec for the ladder? Or do we just use our normal scrim settings?
You can also add Ezza and Pez to the admins for V5 server if you want.

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