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4 years ago
Hey lads Crax here, I am currently looking for a decent competitive team to play Tribes Ascend with, i have been playing it since release and haven't stopped really, taken most of the time away from all other games. Extremely KEEN on getting into comp play.


- Username: Craxicus

- Age : 20

- No previous Tribes experience but years of comp play with other games. ( most recent SOR, BF3 )

- Available mostly everyday and night.

- MAIN CLASS- TECHNICIAN, Alt- Infiltrator

Contact Me on Steam or xfire username is Craxicus for both.

Hit me Up asap lads,
Thanks Craxicus!

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AU RexYnator
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4 years ago
GL mate, added your ingame
US feign
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4 years ago
BoL dude
AU kla2g
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4 years ago
Give us a buzz man might have an offer for you :-)
i no care i lov it
AU Colaris
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4 years ago
So many admins saying GL. BoL buddy.
AU Crow.
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4 years ago
Quote from Craxicus on the 4th of May 2012:
I hate you and your turrets

Not really, best of luck bro
"Edge cups the balls and works the shaft, good bloke" - Rozay
AU Redding
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4 years ago
bol friend
Thumbs up me if I helped you!

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