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2.9 years ago
Ok , stupid question but are you able to get the Razor Onza working on your PC.

I've tried googling it and cant find anything.

I am following the booklet that is given to you about installing the controller but I cant find anything that would be under it.

The driver installer is :

Please help
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AU Teufelweich
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2.9 years ago
I think it only works with certain games? It does not have its own driver, so you can't simply program the buttons to a certain key. But some games, Dead island, Just cause, some racing games, support gamepads? I have not figured out how to get mine working yet ...
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AU Envious Kitty.
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2.9 years ago
you don't need to install anything, plug n play
AU ConspiracyZz
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2.9 years ago
Its just plug and play but as teufelweich has stated it only works with a handful of games if not maybe try changing what your googling and does razer onza work on a computer or along those lines.
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2.9 years ago
some video some where ill find it.


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