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Xeria Gaming recently announced their Xeria Gaming Team League boasting the strongest teams in South East Asia. The 8 invited teams and the 9th qualified team will face-off. One winner will emerge victorious, walking away with the majority of $650 dollars in cash, over $2000 dollars in hardware and what a true champion wants - a champions trophy. This event will take place during June and July this year, whilst the Open Qualifier starts in May.

The 9th position will be finalised in the following format:

May 4th 20:00 KST - Ro8
May 11th 20:00 KST - Ro4
May 18th 20:00 KST - Finals
Set 1: 1v1 Bo3
Set 2: 1v1 Bo3
Set 3: 1v1 Bo3
Set 4: 1v1 Bo3
Set 5: Ace, 1v1 Bo3 Revival (You may reuse any player from previous sets)

The following teams will be participating in the open qualifiers:

1. Carnage eSports
2. Team Eve
3. Team Pacific
4. eehan Timing
5. Team Cube
6. Team Iris
7. Team Supremacy

All teams deserve a position in Xeria Gaming's Team League, with teams consisting of known players like Kowi and mOOnGLaDe this will definitely be a tough and fierce competition. Our very own team has been accepted into the Qualifiers which is a great opportunity for us. We face off against GAMECOM's Nv which is a very hard opponent off the bat.

For more information head over to the following threads and have a "squiz":
Open Qualifier:
Xeria Gaming Team League:

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