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NZ Isolated
228 Posts
4.4 years ago

Hey Guys Basically im Making this thread to see who in the PS3 Community is interested and Keen to either Do a Cod4 Leagues / Another P2P

As all of us are Aware COD4 has got to be one / The Best COD game out of the series and i believe Doing Another P2P comp / Leagues for this fantastic game would be good not only for teams participating but for the PS3 community in general

if the idea of another P2P Leagues goes ahead think of it as and attraction form other consoles such as xbox / pc people who could possibly be keen on competing and making the tourney a bit more fun i know MW3 leagues haven't started by why not Start today to see who is interested and keen and perhaps set one up After the MW3 leagues

surely it cant be a fail if we start planing it right and getting the interest it deserves to make it a successive comp i Myself have been in love with COD4 since day 1 and don't understand why people still prefer to play games such as MW3 over it

it surely be a good idea to look into and try getting more teams to compete on the COD4 ladder would be a good start is well iv also noticed that the MW2 and COD4 Pugs have started to lift again which is good to see ideas thoughts can be discussed in this thread as to how we can do this with the MW3 leagues starting soon i know it may be a bit to ask seeing as teams want to focus on MW3 leagues

But surely After Leagues i think alot of us would be keen on a COD4 p2p // Leagues if we could get enough team interest and bump up the prize pool to raise the stakes

Feel free to post what you got in mind as i want admins to forward this idea !
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AU Anzak
7,067 Posts
4.4 years ago
I'm keen! - Leagues please :]
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AU Hasheyy
3,905 Posts
4.4 years ago
MW2 OR W@W P2P !
US rascalz
1,791 Posts
4.4 years ago
I would definitely play if I was picked up for a COD4 p2p team. Wouldn't mind seeing another one go ahead even if i'm not playing.
AU Blinkzz
11 Posts
4.4 years ago
AU Killzide
4,844 Posts
4.4 years ago
inb4hasheyypostswaw (damn too late)

There won't be leagues for a game so old because of the insta-loss of interest.

There will be future p2p's & odc's though, but not any time soon.

For now, you have to put up with mw3 or just retire til the next cod4 p2p like myself.
NZ Zapn
5,250 Posts
4.4 years ago
COD4 Leagues would be hell sweet i wouldn't mind that with Leagues you can get more teams form other consoles as Mention in OP surely PC teams and xbox would be keen to come over and compete it be interesting to see how they go over here on a console there not use to
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AU Rav
PS Moderator
3,243 Posts
4.4 years ago
Won't be enough interest for leagues, might as well make a P2P
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AU Dev
PS Platform Mod
5,597 Posts
4.4 years ago
How about we skip the p2p, and just hand the money over to Mindfreak. And why would PC players come over? They play on an entirely different version of the game then we do, just because it has the title doesn't mean it will attract players.

And people get burnt out by the time finals come around anyway.

Who's keen for a MW2 4v4 ODC?
AU Fushan
3,976 Posts
4.4 years ago
Quote from Devour. on the 1st of April 2012:
Who's keen for a MW2 4v4 ODC?
AU Hasheyy
3,905 Posts
4.4 years ago
Quote from Devour. on the 1st of April 2012:
Who's keen for a MW2 4v4 ODC?
Cant find 12 teams for MW3 ODC I don't think you will find 12 teams for a MW2 ODC.

But it would be good if it went ahead
AU chillayy
3,098 Posts
4.4 years ago
MW2 Search leagues pl0x.
AU Virus.
6,817 Posts
4.4 years ago
6 Team CGp/a 2 ez
You found 16 teams before if im right
Cod4 / cod5 / mw2 idm
AU no name9988
140 Posts
4.4 years ago
should do a CoD4 4v4 OBJ ODC.
AU Paul
2,358 Posts
4.4 years ago
yer piss 6a off and do a mw2 p2p
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