AU stxnce
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4.2 years ago
That signature is obviously ripped. You can see the dodgy cover-up on the right side.

How about you post a showcase? Showing us what you can actually do, then we'll decide where you can go.

This is pointless asking for help as no one has seen your work before.

Ripping other people's work is only going to get you so far, banned.
AU Phadez xo
PS Youtube Team
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4.2 years ago
i rushed Making A New One BUT THERE ok.
AU OzFalcon
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4.2 years ago
This thread wasn't even thread worthy to begin with. The question in the op makes you sound 8 years old.
Someone please make me a new sig lol <3
AU Phadez xo
PS Youtube Team
2,584 Posts
4.2 years ago
Wat ever and For those still wondering i will Do a Showcase And later on ill Do some more free sigs for people Please Stop Pming me with What you want on it as I'm not Doing any at the moment
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4.2 years ago
<3 Regan 5eva. | Do you have the Will Power? | Add me on Steam! | DOIZDOIZDOIZ. | *`~,* ?(???)?*,~`*
AU Bigzy
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4.2 years ago
Nice signature
NZ Ven.
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4.2 years ago
Quote from x-AkDoom- on the 8th of March 2012:
EOS im makeing myself a New Sig To Shut you all up lol

Haha, that's better but that font needs to change. So pixelated
Asura. removed a post by sRaczz.

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