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nice Crow, but what about what missfire asked? about the IQ and education?
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sorry, there would still be schools, and it would still be compulsory for children to attend it. Education is a gift and again social studies reveal that most kids enjoy learning, so long as it is a productive, encouraging and nurturing environment. I think that you will find the education system would thrive in such community. schools would have no violence, no bullying there would be no pressure or stress, education would be completely free and everyone given the same opportunities to learn.

I'm no expert but I Don't feel that IQ's would drop. People educate themselves because they have the desire to achieve, not so that they can get a good job and afford to live. I mean if you look at the system we have today, the people with the highest quality of life actually probably have some of the lowest IQ's. businessmen that own oil companies, banks, or the are the head of wall-mart. I guess what I'm saying is that you don't have to be educated or smart to make money, so why do you need money to make people educated and smart?

Oh also venoms, thought I would point out that this is not MY idea and I wish to take credit for it in no way, the designer of the Venus project is a man named Jacque Fresco

@Ironikk, I know that communism also promoted the idea of complete equality, but communism was no more equal than any other ideology. the problem was that some people still needed to do shitty jobs they did not want to, here people won't need to do jobs they don't WANT to be doing, that is the key element. also communist countries are lead by dictators, a single man, who's simple OPINION could become law.

just a fun fact to, did you know that wall-mart is a more financially powerful entity than many countries including Bulgaria, Portugal and other 'well off' European countries.

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hey guys, wrote this up in another thread, and it relates directly to here so thought I better add it.

SPOILER: Global products centre
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Religion, politics, government, borders, money, language, all divide rather than unite. As far money, money is the tool of the devil. What gives money worth, what gives a piece of paper or what ever the material is its worth? Banks.

Those who control the money control the country. I 100% agree with a complete restructure of the worlds economic, government systems. The world is based off imbalance, 20% of the world control 80% of the worlds resources, while the 80% control the 20%. What gives, us in the Western World more right than 3rd world countries? We all red on the inside.

I strongly recommend watching this video clip.

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