AU Walshy.
3,710 Posts
4.7 years ago
Not bad, shit map though
4.7 years ago
Quote from CROW. on the 27th of December 2011:
Quote from Dalek on the 26th of December 2011:
We had some server issues and had to get a player host which wasn't desirable but it was a lag free game so cheers for the good hosting.
4/10 of the server had 3 bars :O how is that a lag free game. Anyway a quality raping performed by 1 day can't wait to vs them over #2.

AU Akkarin.
15 Posts
4.7 years ago
If i can get higher than 1 bar i'm happy.

@Devintian Lets see.
AU Atmosphere
4,786 Posts
4.7 years ago
Masssssive result nice work!

I voted for you <3
AU TG Polskii
2 Posts
4.7 years ago
yeah for that match we had 2 members from our squad, 2 subs that dont play practice games with us and 1 new guy... i pretty much re-did the tactics mid game

either way, good game and im sure we'll verse again in the future
AU simmo.
2,426 Posts
4.7 years ago
Quote from Dalek on the 26th of December 2011:
Parallel and Zenox

parallel are rubbish bar a few
fuck the community (c) toxin | JonTargaryen#2013
4.6 years ago
gg guys you had some very solid strats, quick plants and knew the map very well. a shame we couldnt have our main team but thats what we get for scheduling a match on boxing day might not have changed too much anyway with the amount you guys practiced best of luck with the rest of the season

lets see how you do against sydney harbour

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