AU -SilentNiGht-
72 Posts
4.7 years ago
yes yes yes before anyone says it, i know its dead but still some teams wanna mess around on the ladder which is cool, but i will be cleaning the ladder up as of tomorrow night, any team below the top 8 who wants to stay on the ladder, please message me on here, or on steam and advise me you want to stay or i will remove all teams as of 6pm tomorrow night so we all know who wants to play, and who is just there purely because they forgot they even still have a team on there.

AU Raizy
323 Posts
4.7 years ago
9 teams........ lol the ladder looks even more dead now.
AU Dazz..
218 Posts
4.7 years ago
This is beyond a joke, let the fucking game die in peace.
AU dashhh
528 Posts
4.7 years ago
24 hours notice before removal. heapa time
67 Posts
4.7 years ago
anyway im the king and yeh......go the king

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