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We're looking for skilled Players who know what they're doing and are commited to playing competitively, who are 15+ have a mic or headset and have time to commit to practices & scrims.

We Require some History on you so please tell:

Age & State
Previous Clans
Maps you work well with
Gun Type

Please do not bother if:
- You're not 15+
- Have no mic or headset
- You don't know how to play competitively
- You do not have ventrilo

If you Feel that you fit the above requirements please contact me on:

Steam Id:

Download Vent here if you do not have it:

-Thanks, JewSauce
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ill see if i can find my mw2 account and i might be interested. :]
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fml next person to derail will be taking a long leave holiday

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I was asking a legitimate question 8(
teks: sebulba i would like to see die in a fire
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bol lads
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bol top 3 team
wowwww much insperayshin

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