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Glock's interviews so far on CG have been great reads and causing more hype for BF3.
I feel that dimensioN will certainly be top 5 contenders and hence Glock and I got together for an interview.

dimensioN's lineup: Chief / Rez / Blit / Akuma / Cookie / Daft / Glock / Matador / paK / Akme / Risen / SaVage / Spawkr / Vevix / Blake

fvR`dluX: Alrighty, straight down to business. This will be the first battlefield game that you won't be starting on the fray lineup, along with several other players on your team list. What happened there, and how did that lead to dimensioN being formed?

dmN glockZors: Basically me daft cookie and blake came to an agreement that we wanted to really give BF3 a shot in terms of aiming for at least a top 3 position. We felt we could not do that under the fray name so we decided to begin our own team, bringing with us only the players we felt shared the same drive. After my time in iM playing with spawk he and I became good friends and kept in contact after the iM team folded, I naturally offered a position to him and we talked about how we should form this team and who we wanted. After contacting certain people we were happy with who we had brought on board, the name was jsut something we all decided on as a team.

fvR`dluX: How do you think your new team of ex-fray/ex-iM players will fair against the other powerhouse teams beginning to emerge?

dmN glockZors: We have alot of younger players who make up the core side who never really played BF2 at its start but did excel in BC2 and I am pretty confident in my teams ability to keep up with the top sides and the old emergering BF2 teams.

fvR`dluX: As you said, it seems you've got a real diverse bunch of players coming together in terms of gaming and battlefield experience. Have you got some set roles that you're already thinking about in regards to infantry (medics/AT), armour, air allocations etc.?

dmN glockZors: I have a pretty solid idea of who the inf squad will be, eventually I will set out some roles for everyone to follow but I would rather a team who is competent in all kits and roles than just focusing on a single role. Our armour crew is pretty solid having rez / pak and spawk all ready to hop into the role. As for the air crew we have struggled to find anyone to fill this role but it also depends on jets whether all the oldschool pilots will pick it up as well as they did in BF2.

fvR`dluX: If choppers and jets are a major component of some maps, would you rather look to the community for any ex-BF pilots still looking for a team or retrain one of the guys already in dimensioN?

dmN glockZors: Alot of oldschool pilots have come back and are gearing up for BF3, but it all depends as I said previously on whether the mechanics of the jet handle the same as in BF2. I have had some guys put their hands up to try their hand at a jet so I guess only time will tell. Although if any pilots are reading this, we could use you!

fvR`dluX: Who is your top pick for armour, infantry and air in dimensioN?

dmN glockZors: I think on his game paK was a great tanker/APCer, but RL things have restrained his time alot. Infantry wise going off BC2, cookie is a very underrated player, across cod/css/ql his spastically fast reflexes help him alot, but he can be a total idiot ingame which lets him down, but as he gets older he will get alot better. I can't really say for air as it is our downfall as a team.

fvR`dluX: I noticed you've rejoined the BC2 ladder. Is this just one of the steps you're taking in preparing your team for BF3?

dmN glockZors: A lot of the guys had not scrimmed any game since about january and basically to keep interest alive and also to help the merger of the two sides we are playing on the ladder just to hold us over till BF3.

fvR`dluX: Will dimensioN be looking for some form of sponsorship for BF3? Furthermore, if a major BF3 LAN event were to be held in Australia, do you think dimensioN would be able to bring a team without a sponsorship?

dmN glockZors: We have not ruled it out at all, but for alot of us having played under an organisation for nearly the whole life of BC2/BF2 just being a standalone clan is working for us at the moment and will stay this way until we see if LAN will be viable. If a LAN was announced I think it would be inevitable for us to have to seek sponsorship.

fvR`dluX: Righto, last one. Inspired by the movie "Trading Places", let's have a $1 bet on the trifecta of the first major tournament for BF3 in Australia. Who's your pick and why?

dmN glockZors: aK- Redding always manages to assemble a strong side who are great even upon release as was shown in BC2.
fvR- Having an air crew and strong inf base, I would expect to see fvR and aK in the final.
dmN- Lack of an air crew especially with how vehicle orientated BF3 looks could be our major downfall.

fvR`dluX: Thanks for your time Glock and best of luck for BF3!

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Great interview mate, BoL dmN
I think i just Gandalfed.
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Great interview mate, BoL dmN
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Hey Brad!

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Nice Interview.. GL dmN.
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Dat Logo,

BoL guys
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Quote from dluX on the 18th of August 2011:
cookie is a very underrated player, across cod/css/ql his spastically fast reflexes help him alot, but he can be a total idiot ingame which lets him down

cookie #1
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Nice good read
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was a good one :D:D
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It was a good interview, you now have my blessing to proceed as a team. Best of luck!
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I think i just Gandalfed.
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Good time killer for my lunch brake.

Best of luck Glockenspiel and dmN.

Did you team kill in BF2 as well Cookie

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